The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21 serves as a reminder of the world’s cultural diversity and the critical importance of intercultural dialogue in attaining peace and long-term development.

What sets us unique from everyone else are our differences, which are shaped by our culture and ancestry. It establishes a country’s identity and gives citizens a sense of belonging. We question what we might do better to attract foreign and domestic tourists in tourism discussions, but we often overlook the fact that the answer already exists within our own walls — our architectural and intangible legacy.

To achieve this, Badan Warisan Malaysia (BWM), the leading national heritage NGO with a reputation for excellence in heritage conservation services launched an educational webinar series titled, ‘BWM Talk Series: Spotlight in Sarawak’, also known as #TokSarawak. With the present focus on Sarawak, the discussion will focus on the many aspects of Sarawakian heritage, such as the rich history of Sarawakian forts, exotic food, traditional textiles and more.

The series will feature an impressive line-up of speakers such as:

9 June 2022, 5.00 PM
‘The Forts of Sarawak’
By Dr John Ting

23 June 2022, 5.00 PM
‘Traditional Textiles and Costumes’
By Dr Welyne Jehom

7 July 2022. 5.00 PM
‘Sarawak’s Endangered Heritage’
By Mr James Yong

The BWM Talk Series: Sarawak Spotlight or #TokSarawak is free to all registered participants. Click on this link to learn more and register for the event.

Meanwhile, the inaugural Borneo Native Festival, which will take place in Kuala Lumpur next weekend, will highlight not only native culture but also the economics of Sabah.

Between May 20 and 22, 70 vendors from the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak will promote handicrafts, food, and beverages to tourists visiting the Central Market.

The second day of the festival will see the appearances of former Miss Universe Malaysia Francisca Luhong James from Sarawak and Malaysian American singer Nikki Pallikat from Sarawak, and Sabah’s Velvet Aduk and Marsha Milan on the last day.