When our eye catches the date on our screensavers, we often find ourselves in disbelief that it’s a whole new year. With a whirlwind two years since the pandemic began, it seems as though everything’s been blurry. With COVID-19 still very much present (damn you, Omicron), we can no longer look forward to “the end of the pandemic,” but rather how we can (safely as we can) live with it. Having been personally affected mentally and emotionally by the harsh effects of lockdown, we’re looking to gear up for this new year by feeling inspired to be the best version of ourselves.

Songs and movies are known for having the ability to evoke emotions within us, so if you’re looking for some inspiration on being a new you (or the same old you, but better), here’s a list that may be of help.


Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl, who, after losing her beloved mother and going through a failed marriage, decides to take one of the country’s longest and most challenging trails. Despite having no background in the outdoors, Cheryl goes on this difficult journey of self-discovery.


Looking for a story that will help you prove the naysayers wrong? Ratatouille follows a rat that aspires to become a renowned chef (and has the cooking skills to do so!) but is unable to because, well, he’s a rat. That is, until he teams up with an inept young man to get a job.

Eddie The Eagle

Never let anyone dampen your spirits, and believe in yourself! In this heartwarming and inspiring tale, underdog ski jumper Eddie overcomes incredible hurdles to become the first ski jumper to compete in the Olympics from Great Britain.


Lion takes us on a journey that’s equally heartbreaking as it heartwarming as adult Saroo (played by Dev Pattel) searches for his biological family after many years of being adopted by an Australian couple. An outstanding display of hope, the importance of family (born into or chosen), and bravery, this movie will have you feeling inspired to hold your loved ones closer.

Inside Out

Struggling to cope with her emotions as she navigates through a move to San Francisco, Inside Out dives deep into what goes on with her Riley’s five core emotions: Fear, Anger, Joy, Disgust, and Sadness.

Ford v Ferrari

This legendary tale of Ford’s effort to build a car fast enough to win at France’s 1966 Le Mans race will have your heart, well, racing. A true story that showcases determination, grit, and believing in yourself, you’ll find yourself ready to take on 2022!

When Harry Met Sally

A true classic, this 1989 romantic comedy stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as they share a car ride and discover their dislike for one another. Only to bump into each other years later and form a friendship unlike any other.

Seven Years in Tibet

Are you looking to transform your outlook on life completely? Then give this movie with Brad Pitt a go. In this movie, an explorer (Pitt) disappears from his life as he befriends a young Dalai Lama.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

In this movie, we see a different side of Ben Stiller as he plays Walter, a timid magazine photo manager who often finds himself daydreaming of things he wishes to be doing or places he could be going. One day, a negative goes missing, and he goes on a search to find it, embarking on an accidental journey to self-discovery.


Based on actual events of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Stronger is about how tragedy and loss can change us, and strength can often show up if we look deep within ourselves. Jake Gyllenhaal gives a stellar performance in this movie, and we can’t help but wonder where his Oscar is?