The cherry blossom marks the arrival of springtime in Japan. Every year, between the months of March and May, it will be hard not to see explosions of pink everywhere you go.

The cherry blossom season is also celebrated widely in Japanese culture. Traditionally refererred to as hanami which means – hana meaning ‘flower’ and mi meaning ‘viewing’ – a time to appreciate the flowers, the season is a symbol of renewal and hope.

Here are 19 photos of the cherry blossom in Japan that highlight just how breathtakingly beautiful the season is:

01_Yuichi Kosio_405456044
(Pic credit: Yuichi Kosio/Flickr)

The cherry blossom, also known as sakura in Japanese, is considered as the national flower of Japan, when in actuality, Japan does not officially have a national flower.

05_Takashi .M_16951378172
(Pic credit: Takashi.M/Flickr)
13_ryuta kawakami_13236929784
(Pic credit: ryuta kawakami/Flickr)

The cherry blossom is also Japan’s biggest calendar event during spring. Each blossom lasts for about one to two weeks.

29_Izu navi_16211164602
(Pic credit: Izu navi/Flickr)
10_Makoto Okuda_5718083400
(Pic credit: Makoto Okuda/Flickr)

There are over 200 varieties of the cherry blossom, the most popular being the Somei Yoshino. Its white flowers have the lightest hint of pink. This cherry blossom variation has been planted all over in Japan ever since the Meiji period.

12_Takuma Kimura_7068264785
(Pic credit: Takuma Kimura/Flickr)

Almost every corner of the city is picture perfect.

16_ryuta kawakami_13583858984
(Pic credit: ryuta kawakami/Flickr)

Imagine working and looking out the window to see this:

18_richard evea_16980487888
(Pic credit: richard evea/Flickr)
25_Diana Norgaard_17237922872
(Pic credit: Diana Norgaard/Flickr)
20_Syuzo Tsushima_5693454350
(Pic credit: Syuzo Tsushima/Flickr)

The season will definitely bring out the romantic in you.

(Pic credit: T.Murakami/Flickr)
(Pic credit: coniferconifer/Flickr)
04_m-louis _16476157094
(Pic credit: m-louis/Flickr)

During this season, many people head out to the parks and celebrate hanami by having picnics and drinking sake underneath the cherry blossom trees.

28_Ari Helminen_5612643723
(Pic credit: Ari Helminen/Flickr)
35_Guilhem Vellut_13621487355
(Pic credit: Guilhem Vellut/Flickr)

The parks are alive with music and filled with people eating, mingling or just staring at the trees. The National Cherry Blossom Festival has become an annual springtime event, drawing over a million visitors each year.

34_Guilhem Vellut_13641692184
(Pic credit: Guilhem Vellut/Flickr)

The tradition of hanami has been going on for many hundreds of years; according to Japanese history, the cherry blossom festivities have been held since at least the 3rd century.

31_Guilhem Vellut_13582626854
(Pic credit: Guilhem Vellut/Flickr)

Even the animals count out to play and admire the beauty of the cherry blossom.

19_Dick Thomas Johnson_16585532608
(Pic credit: Dick Thomas Johnson/Flickr)
(Pic credit: Purota/Pixabay)

See more pictures of the cherry blossom in Japan here.



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