Nothing is more frustrating than getting over jet lag while travelling. The struggle of coping with odd sleep hours and relentless lethargy during your dream holiday can put a damper on your experience and take away a portion of your vacation. While there is no magical cure to avoid it entirely, there exists a holy grail of innovative apps that can effectively help realign your body’s circadian rhythm in new time zones.

When equipped with these reliable apps on your smartphone, adapting to different time zones becomes a breeze. You’ll be left jet lag-free and fully prepared to embark on your next adventure and create new memories sans panda eyes!

1. Timeshifter

Timeshifter stands out as one of the premier apps for seasonal travellers off on long-distance journeys. Developed by globally acclaimed circadian neuroscientists, it has even undergone testing by NASA astronauts.

This brilliant app leverages extensive circadian neuroscience research to offer optimal strategies for combating jet lag. It provides a comprehensive guide on when to sleep, abstain from caffeine, or seek shade from sunlight.

But how does it operate? Simply input your flight details and personal preferences, and let the algorithm take care of the rest. It will craft a personalised jet lag plan tailored to your journey!

Cost: USD24.99 (roughly RM115) per year, first trip free on iOS & Android

2. Uplift

Uplift utilises the potency of biorhythmic acupressure to empower travellers in getting over jet lag. The app’s specific stretches and light exercises have also been designed for on-the-go scenarios, making them super easy to follow.

Incorporating light stretches and exercises during extended journeys plays an essential role in enhancing blood circulation after sitting down for prolonged periods.

Accompanied by instructional videos, these practices work wonders in redirecting your body’s energy and enhancing blood flow. Each session lasts a mere five to seven minutes, making it even more inexcusable not to do. Despite its brevity, these few minutes will remarkably impact your jet lag recovery.

Cost: USD3.99 (roughly RM18) per month, 60-day free trial

3. Sleep Cycle

Having the right amount of sleep is crucial for overcoming jet lag, but who wants to be tethered to a strict sleep schedule while on holiday? This is where the Sleep Cycle app proves invaluable in managing your body clock because this app transcends the realm of ordinary alarm apps.

It diligently tracks your sleep patterns throughout your journey, rousing you during moments of light sleep through movement and sound detection. This app serves a purpose not only during your travels, but also in your day-to-day life. Beyond its alarm and sleep-tracking features, Sleep Cycle boasts a selection of relaxing music to lull you to sleep.

Upon reaching your destination, utilise Sleep Cycle to ease into your customary bedtime routine. This way, you’ll awaken the next day feeling well-rested and ready to take on your holiday.

Cost: USD29.99 (roughly RM138) per year, one-week free trial on iOS & Android

4. Calm

Calm, a name genuinely befitting its nature, serves a dual purpose––it is an oasis of mindfulness and an exceptional tool for fighting against jet lag. This multifaceted app provides a repertoire of tools to facilitate relaxation, including succinct meditation exercises and a tranquil soundscape.

Among Calm’s many offerings is the ability to customise a soundscape tailored to your preferences. Whether you grapple with sleep issues while travelling or experience anxiety during flights, you can choose the specific meditation or melody that resonates with you and fosters a heightened sense of serenity.

Cost: USD14.99 (roughly RM69) per month with a seven-day free trial

5. Headspace

Meditation has garnered significant support in aiding jet lag recovery, its power evident in stress reduction and the cultivation of bodily tranquillity. Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation app, is an ideal companion for newbies and experienced practitioners, facilitating relaxation regardless of your expertise.

Headspace has been thoughtfully crafted to accommodate all kinds of needs and has an easy-to-use interface and an offline download capability. Its topics encompass everything from sleep improvement and self-esteem elevation to nurturing mental wellbeing and beyond.

But the app’s offerings extend beyond meditation alone. It also features various physical activity videos, from gentle low-impact yoga sessions to more dynamic workouts like cardio routines. These exercises are effortlessly followable and can be completed within the confines of your hotel room.

In addition to all that goodness, Headspace also benefits the younger demographic with its kid-friendly meditation guides. This family-friendly approach ensures that everyone can partake in the app’s advantages when travelling with loved ones, fostering relaxation on holiday and promoting restful slumber.

Cost: USD12.99 (roughly RM60) per month with a seven-day free trial

6. Noise Machine

Amidst all the bustling conversations of fellow passengers and intermittent announcements, getting a good rest during a flight can pose a challenge. Enter the Noise Machine app, your best friend in this endeavour.

This app empowers you to choose from an array of tranquil sounds, spanning the spectrum from soothing pink and green to grounding brown, thus facilitating a seamless passage into the realm of dreams while you traverse the skies.

The enveloping embrace of gentle white noise will slowly help you tune out the extraneous disturbances cocooning you within your headphones. The said cocoon, in turn, ensures an uninterrupted sleep span during your flight –– an essential component in conquering jet lag.

Cost: Free on iOS

Pro tips on how to overcome jet lag:

1. Prioritise rest before your trip: Get a good night’s rest before the journey begins to avoid feeling fatigued before take-off which can lead to longer jet lag recovery.
2. Prep for good quality sleep in flight: Pack noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs and an eye mask to help ease falling asleep during the flight and improve sleep quality significantly. If you can, get a decent neck pillow too!
3. Set your mind to the new time zone: Change the time on your phone and watch to your destination’s time zone before take-off. This mental shift helps to keep you aware of the new time throughout your flight, making adjustments smoother upon arrival.
4. Stay hydrated: Make a conscious effort to drink water frequently to help you better cope with travel fatigue and dehydration.
5. Consider melatonin: If you find falling asleep during the flight challenging, melatonin supplements can help induce sleepiness. We highly recommend consulting with a medical practitioner beforehand.
6. Take it easy on arrival: Don’t pack your first day with an itinerary; allow your body time to adjust and recover from the long journey.
7. Watch your caffeine intake: Too much caffeine can disrupt your ability to sleep at the right time, according to the new time zone.