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For the last two consecutive years, Malaysia has been awarded the title of Asia Leading Destination. (Photo Credit: Caroline Grubb/Flickr)

For the last two years, Malaysia has proudly carried the title of Asia’s Leading Destination, as awarded by the prestigious World Travel Awards Asia & Australasia. This year, the country has once again been nominated for this coveted accolade and is also in the running for Asia’s Leading Beach Destination. Another repeat nominee is Tourism Malaysia, in the Asia’s Leading Tourist Board category, which it won the last two years as well.

Will Malaysia keep up its winning streak this year? That’s for you to decide!

Winners are decided based on an online voting system that’s open to the public. If you want to see Malaysia keep up the honour, do your part and cast your vote at

Do you work in the travel industry? Register your company details and once verified as an industry voter, each of your vote will count as two (you need to submit a minimum of 10 votes).

Voting is open until 17 April 2017 so get clicking now and make your vote count!

If you need more convincing, here are four key reasons why we think Malaysia deserves the title of Asia’s Leading Destination:

Malaysia is culturally diverse

Malaysia is home to a multi racial population with each displaying their own unique characteristics.

Colonised in its early days and now home to a multi-racial population, Malaysia is truly Asia’s cultural melting pot. You can see influences from these diverse cultures in our architecture, lifestyle, food, language, and the many, many festivals that are celebrated on a grand scale.

Malaysia is blessed with the best of Mother Nature

The country is blessed with stretches of stunning beaches and dense tropical forests. (Photo Credit: Bernard Spazz/Flickr)

Malaysia’s tropical climate means an abundance of sunshine with short spans of rain throughout the year. All year round, you can explore and experience the country’s dense rainforests, crystal clear sea waters, stunning beaches, and a rich biodiversity of unique flora and fauna.

Malaysia is ideal for budget travellers

The drop in local currency is encouraging more budget travellers to visit Malaysia. (Photo Credit: Roger Williams/Flickr )

The cost of living has gone up in recent times but for many foreigners, Malaysia is still a reasonably affordable destination. Hotels cater to all budgets, local food can be had cheaply, public transportation is becoming increasingly efficient, while budget airlines like AirAsia offer competitive fares so help stretch your tourist dollar further.

Nothing beats our food

Nasi Lemak, a local favourite, is a must try in Malaysia! (Photo Credit: Malaysia Truly Asia/Flickr)

If you are looking for a destination to indulge in a gastronomic escapade, Malaysia is it!

From institutional hawker stalls and street food to international restaurant chains and fine dining establishments, the variety of cuisines is astounding. Malaysians fondly name eating as a national pastime and you can literally eat around the clock, as eateries open at all hours. If food is your main agenda, you can’t miss a trip to Penang; American food writer and cooking show judge James Oseland named it the top food destination in the world.

These are just the tip of the iceberg that makes Malaysia ‘Truly Asia’ and deserving of being named, once again, Asia’s Leading Destination.

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