More Affordable Starting Fare For Tokyo Taxis

Taxi rides between tourist spots in Tokyo are now less expensive and more convenient due to the drop in taxi fares (Photo credit: Hector Garcia/Flickr)

Good news for travellers coming in to Japan: As of 30 January 2017, the starting fare for taxis in Tokyo has been significantly reduced to JPY410 (approx. USD3.60) for the first 1.054 kilometers. The price drop was implemented in a bid to appeal to more tourists visiting the city.

The starting fare for taxis in Japan was previously set at JPY730 (approx. USD6.40).The new lowered starting figure is now much closer to the international average. To encourage both locals and tourists to use taxis more, the Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association (THTA) has come up with a service campaign to promote choinori or ‘short-distance rides’.

The Tokyo taxi industry hopes that the latest cut in the starting fare will help increase the number of inbound tourists taking taxis in Tokyo.

New fare system
Old Fare JPY730 yen for first 2 kilometers
New Fare JPY410 yen for first 1.054 kilometers
After that, the fare rises by JPY80 per 237 meters
*This does not apply to some areas in Tokyo (areas outside the Tokyo 23 ward)


For more information on choinori and the new fare, visit the Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association’s official website:


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