Following the resounding success of last year’s ‘The Aesop Women’s Library’ in Malaysia, Aesop is set to continue its mission of elevating women’s voices, stories, and experiences with the much-anticipated ‘The Aesop Women’s Library 2.0: Voices Unbound’. This year, the library will grace two signature stores—Aesop The Exchange TRX and Aesop IOI City Mall in Kuala Lumpur—from June 14th to 16th, 2024.

Now, as it returns to Malaysia, the library brings with it a curated selection of books, essays, and memoirs that reflect the diverse experiences of women worldwide. A carefully chosen selection of books written by regional writers who identify as women and allies will take centre stage on the shelves during this time.

The library will have 27 titles in three languages written by authors like Saras Manickam, Dr. Chai Siaw Ling, and Charissa Ong. Visitors can take home a free book of their choice without making a purchase.

From left to right: Charissa Ong, Dr. Chai Siaw Ling, Saras Manickam

The program seeks to showcase Kuala Lumpur’s thriving literary scene by focusing on the various viewpoints and stories contributing to the city’s reading culture. In light of this, the Aesop Women’s Library and Human Edition, a social media site that shares tales of people from diverse backgrounds, will collaborate.

Human Edition, a content creation company co-founded by two architecture graduates, plans to produce four documentary-style episodes examining Kuala Lumpur’s literary scene.

Two Book Nerds Talking, the partner podcast from the previous year, will return with a three-part series introducing the 2024 subject and book selection, with additional insights from partner publishing houses.

To celebrate the library’s second launch, Aesop and the Two Book Nerds Talking Book Club will co-host a reading event. The purpose of this event is to create relationships within the literary community and to spark conversation about women’s diverse identities.

The podcast and the complete list of featured titles from the Aesop Women’s Library will be available on Aesop’s website. You can start streaming the podcast on June 1st on Spotify and Apple Music.

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