Art For A Cause: Sisters In Islam Raising Funds Through ‘Dunia Akhirat’

Ranerrim’s “B40” and Hana Zamri’s “Judgement Day” (Acrylic on canvas). All photos from Sisters In Islam.

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We’re all currently affected by a pandemic that has intensified and highlighted the inequality around the world. The dichotomy of Dunia and Akhirat (life and the hereafter) is playing out as we watch the world in limbo between survival and excess.

Inspired by the loss, suffering, and resilience brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, over 30 Malaysian artists, in collaboration with CULT Gallery are showcasing their concepts of Life and the Hereafter or ‘Dunia Akhirat’ to raise funds for Sisters in Islam (SIS). In the past, proceeds have been used to help women in need. For instance, in support of Telenisa, a legal aid service that has assisted over 8000 women who have nowhere to go for legal recourse.

Ranerrim’s “B40”, “M40”, and “T20”

The annual charity art exhibition, which is back for its fourth year, proudly features the works of distinguished artists including Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Amani Azlin, Amir Mansor, Anniketyni Madian, Arif Fauzan, Badruddin Wahab, Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Chang Yoong Chia , Chong Siew Ying Dhavinder Singh, Fawwaz Sukri, Hana Zamri, Haz Yusup , Izat Arif,  Kow Leong Kiang, Lyne Ismail, and Marvin Chan.

The art exhibition this year, which at time of writing has limited pieces left, aims to be an antidote in times of chaos, a roadmap for greater clarity, a force of resistance and repair, and new images to think about.

Ahmad Zakii Anwar’s “Study for Green Legong 1” and “Study for Green Legong 2” (Watercolour on paper)

‘Dunia Akhirat’ is currently happening virtually until 31 August, 2021. However, visitors are still welcome for private viewings by appointment only at the CULT Gallery in Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur, from 10am to 6pm.

Last year, its successful Free/Bebas exhibition, inspired by the Movement Control Order (MCO), was a visual and introspective exploration of what it means to be free. The featured artists used a variety of mediums to portray their conceptions of freedom, including oil, acrylic, cloth, wood sculpture, monotype, and other creative means.

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