When Nadhirah was younger, books allowed her mind to roam beyond the walls of her room. Now that she is older, she's living and penning down her own adventures. Travelling is her favourite form of education to get to know people, places and herself. She's also constantly on the lookout for good music.

Nature Perfected In Semporna, Malaysia

By , 25 February 2019

A derivative of the word ‘sempurna’ which means ‘perfect’ in Malay, Semporna is the perfect place to experience the beauty of the Celebes Sea.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Marrakesh, Morocco

By , 16 August 2018

Marrakesh is a city that’s designed to stimulate your senses. Be prepared for all your senses to be challenged as you feel the sun on your skin, taste the rich flavours of Moroccan cuisine, and feel...

What The Land Of High Passes, Ladakh, Taught Me

By , 11 May 2018

As a person who often doubts her own physical prowess, I was rather apprehensive about my trip to Ladakh.

How To Experience All Of Iran’s Seasons Within A Fortnight

By , 27 March 2018

For the traveller who would rather not commit to city or countryside, beach or mountain, winter or summer, we have one word for you – Iran.

Volunteering Abroad: How To Get Started

By , 9 March 2018

It’s all fine if you’re comfortable with volunteering abroad by yourself. However, if you’re slightly concerned...

3 Best Temple Sunrises In Southeast Asia

By , 26 February 2018

If you’re chasing after a magnificent sunrise on your holidays, these sites should serve as your next destination inspiration.