Travel & Making A Positive Impact [VIDEO]

Travel & Making A Positive Impact

Moderated by Sumitra Selvaraj
With Deepti Asthana, Deborah Chan and Jacqueline Fong

Filmed August 2017 at ZafigoX

Travel need not be just about satisfying one’s wanderlust; it also has the potential to benefit local communities. Beyond the economic benefits of bringing foreign currency into a local economy, travellers can impact people in the communities they visit through socially-conscious travel choices, participating in various activities and even actively giving back to the communities they have embraced. This panel features two women who found that their initial visits to various communities made such a profound impression on them, that they returned to give something back to those communities, and one woman who’s made it her mission to shine a light on the ordinary Indian woman.


About the Moderator

Sumitra Selvaraj, Founder of Sarees & Stories

As a writer, presenter and media professional, Sumitra has spent the last 18 years dabbling in broadcasting, publishing and Public Relations in Malaysia. She has anchored English language news broadcasts across all free to air networks and has produced and directed a number of news and current affairs programmes. She is currently the Executive Producer of Vbuzz, Malaysia’s only English language talk show that broadcasts locally on Astro, and on Singtel in Singapore. Sumitra also wears a Saree to work every day, and to all social events.

About the Panelists Deepti

Deepti Asthana, Founder: Women of India 

An incurable travel addict, storyteller and a self-taught photographer, Deepti is currently working as Canon India mentor. In the last few years she has won many accolades including one from UNESCO. She is an established name in the travel industry, acting as a social media influencer for several Indian and international brands. She is currently working on a documentary project to address women specific issues named Women of India.

Watch Deepti’s talk where she shares her own experiences in Overcoming Expectations & Barriers On Women And Telling Their Stories.

DeborahDeborah Chan, Travel Writer & World Explorer

Deborah is behind the Ardent Traveler, a travel site focused on sustainable travel, unique accommodations and personalities in the travel industry. Deb’s writing has appeared in Travel & Leisure, Asian Geographic, The Star (Malaysia’s leading newspaper), Going Places Magazine, Wild Asia, Smart Travel Asia, Yahoo! Travel, Greenty and Live & Inspire. She is the author of Live To Last, a heart-gripping memoir written to inspire youth to step up and step out to make a difference in this world.

Watch Deborah’s talk as she shares her own experience on leaving the big city in Stepping Up & Moving Out – What It Takes To Make A Difference.

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