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Whether it’s to disconnect from your tiring, usually monotonous schedule, or you’re looking for a more comprehensive, first-hand experience of understanding different cultures, travel experiences will give you what you’re looking for.

Travel can be likened to a form of therapy, aiding tremendously in one’s mental wellbeing. However, as fun as it can be, a vacation can still turn into a glum experience if you’re not adequately equipped. Even more so in recent years, as social media and affordable travel options (like cheap flights and accommodations) have redefined the way we explore the world.

Here are 10 brilliant, but often under-appreciated travel accessories:

1. Document organiser

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Whether you’re headed to another city, country, or continent, it’s imperative to have travel documents such as your ID, passport, driving license, and related documents on hand. Misplacing even one of these can lead to a lot of stress during a trip.

A document organiser helps with keeping any vital travel/personal documents safe in a tidy and organised manner. Opt for one that can accommodate not only documents of various sizes, but also fit in several documents and cards easily.

2. Multi-USB charger or power bank

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Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are among the essentials one brings when on a trip, be it for business or pleasure. Mobile phones in particular tend to run out of battery the fastest, leading to a whole lot of inconveniences. For instance, not being to look up your hotel booking, boarding pass, or maps.

Power banks are inexpensive, while a standard one has enough juice to charge your phone twice over. Many of them have multiple USB ports too, so you can recharge multiple devices on the go. Depending on the kind of holiday you’re on, you might electrical outlets unavailable, especially in remote areas, so a fully-charged power bank is, therefore, an essential.

3. Digital camera

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Although smartphones have rendered digital cameras obsolete for most travellers, one can’t argue that a smartphone’s camera is no match for the image quality that an SLR or DSLR can deliver. With advanced features such as optical zoom, automatic along with manual aperture settings, and display settings help a digital camera is a must-have if you want high quality images.

4. Money belt

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The dangers involved in travelling to any place in the world includes being a victim of pick-pocketing. Anyone at a crowded tourist destination or even a busy market often makes for optimal targets by professional pickpockets. Enter the money belt. Featuring secret pockets, a money belt is an affordable way of keeping your money and important documents safe and hidden from plain sight.

5. Hand sanitiser

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Travelling exposes you to all kinds of surfaces which may be covered with harmful bacteria and germs. Gel hand sanitisers are safe, easy to use, convenient to carry, and most importantly, effective against germs and bacteria. Many food poisoning cases have been rooted down to being caused by unclean or dirty hands. So be sure to pack some along.

6. Water purifying bottle

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When headed to places where clean, purified water may not be available right from the tap, a water purifying bottle becomes a necessity. Aside from providing drinkable water on the go, a water purifying bottle also decreases the need to purchase mineral water that normally comes in plastic bottles that are hazardous for the environment.

7. Noise cancelling headphones

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Aside from clearer phone calls, noise cancelling headphones can also help its wearers zone out from the surrounding noise and tune in to their favourite jams or watch their shows. Also consider other hearing protection gadgets that come with dual purposes – for travelling as well as other outdoor activities.

8. Travel pillow

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This may seem like an obvious one, but sometimes we neglect to bring them on short trips. Even a quick power nap can leave you feeling cramped and achy if taken in the wrong position. A travel pillow will help you avoid neck aches and cramps, which can put a dampener or strain on your holiday, especially if you have some outdoor activities planned.

9. Portable first aid kit

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You can find portable first aid kits sold in most pharmacies all over the world. However, it’s important to have on packed all the time instead of waiting to get one at your destination in case of an emergency. Each kit features a range of basic medical supplies that will come in handy under various circumstances, like charcoal pills, antihistamines, plasters, and so on. Serious sickness or injuries must always be attended to by a professional.

10. Packing cubes

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These differently-sized bags can be placed within a suitcase to help with organising and compartmentalising your belongings. Such an accessory not only aids with the process of packing, but also makes unpacking significantly easier. It’ll also be easier for you to find smaller items because you’ll know exactly where they are.

As important as the accessories mentioned above may be, common sense and street smarts are what will take you the furthest, especially when exploring a foreign country. So keep your wits about you, be vigilant, and don’t forget to have lots of fun while you’re at it. That said, happy travelling!

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