You must be excited as you’re about to head off for your first foreign trip. It’s a great feeling and the scary one too. Mistakes, however, are sometimes unavoidable when you’re a rookie adventurer. Before you start feeling bad, know that this is common and can happen to just about anybody.

1 Overbooking

You might consider it a smart way to getting everything locked in from booking hotel to deciding about your meals. While it may reduce some stress, it will ruin any chance you might have of camping out on the beautiful hilltop you so happen to find. Leave some space to change and utilise opportunities your travel presents you. Flexibility in your schedule is essential.

2 Using a travel agent for everything

It’s convenient for you to book an entire trip over the internet but that doesn’t mean you should use these services for everything. You can book your flight and accommodation packages, but make sure to save some money to look after yourself while you’re on the road.

3 Being afraid of locals

It’s easy to spot the first-timers with their hands subconsciously securing their money belts and suspicious faces figuring out what the scam is. It can be challenging for you to spot the crooks from those friendly locals and therefore mistrust everyone. We’re not saying let loose completely; just be aware at all times, and keep a straight head about you.

4 Being robbed

Rookie travellers are often the easiest targets for those burglars who are looking forward to fulfilling their criminal desires. You might be dealing with them especially if you are camping outdoors or taking a long walk, just make sure to bring self-defense gear — such as a pepper spray or tactical pens — for protection.

5 Trying to see everything

This is your big and exciting overseas trip and you want to see as much as possible, but that is a mistake. You should trust that you will travel again, so instead of seeing every thing and place in a single trip, stick to specific sights and experiences, so that you have yourself some noteworthy adventures.

6 Miscalculating costs

Everything is going to cost you more than you might be expecting. You will probably spend twice as much than planned, so make sure to save up some more money before you travel.

7 Packing too much

Make sure to pack your stuff according to the trip requirement. For instance, if you intend to go camping then place a lightweight sleeping bag along. Or if you are traveling for two-three days then there is no need to carry a huge first aid kit. Also, don’t bring all your clothes and shoes, just a few supplies as needed.

8 Purchasing too much

You will find it interesting to walk into the shops and spend your money picking up things such as travel shirts, compression sacks, and others things to put in your backpack or wrap around your money belts, though you don’t need any of it. Just wear comfortable clothes and don’t use money belts so to avoid burglars.

9 Freaking

Things can go wrong when you are travelling for the first time. Don’t worry, it’s all part and parcel of the game. You might encounter some issues with your hotel booking or lose your wallet somewhere, but stay calm you will sort it out. The worst you can do with yourself is to freak out and get upset.

10 Treating the guidebook as the ultimate guide

It’s a great idea to have a guidebook so it keeps you in the right direction and give you some background knowledge on the places you intend to visit. Though it can be a mistake if you just follow the things listed in the guidebook such as visiting sites, staying in the hotels, and so on. There is a lot more to the world than the ones listed in those limited pages.

One cannot just plan for everything. Keeping a few important considerations in mind will make your expedition much easier and fun. Tell us about your first-time travel mistakes in the comments below! 

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