Creating Opportunities For Women In Travel

Adrienne Lee

Tourism cares and you should too. Adrienne Lee is a bright-eyed consultant for Tourism Cares (a non-profit organisation based in Boston that helps the tourism industry through volunteer programmes) who spoke on career opportunities the tourism industry provides for women, the lengths independent organisations go to provide transferrable skills, and benefits (including medical and education) for its volunteers to use to improve their quality of life.

Using data to make her case, she goes into the ways tourism helps sustain a country’s economy and shows the number of women who work in the industry. As uplifting as it is to hear and see women thriving in the workplace, Adrienne balances it out with reality: there’s still plenty more to be done, and she breaks it down to us on the steps that both consumers and businesses can take to overcome these obstacles.

She then shines light on a few of the organisations she’s worked with from across the globe; from Azad Foundation & Sakha Consulting Wing, an organisation that advocates for women’s rights and gender equality, and has successfully created non-traditional jobs for thousands across India including its most celebrated Women Behind Wheels programme; to Sasane, who fight for the right of the trafficking survivors and protest against human trafficking in the poor Mountain villages of Nepal, and is also survivor-led.

Adrienne exercises her time by sharing the phenomenal work women across the globe are responsible for, all of which were entirely moving. Watch her set entitled Creating Jobs for Women in Travel below:

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