The entire Asian region is slowly growing in reputation as one of the most desirable spots for many travel-lovers to visit in their lifetime — and for a number of reasons. It’s surprisingly affordable, endlessly versatile, the culture is truly unique, and the historic legacy is worthy of any globetrotter’s bucket list. However, first-time visitors may find this region to be intimidating and somewhat complex, not to mention the challenge of choosing the perfect spots for your itinerary.

Before you book your flight, let’s take a closer look at all the intricacies of travelling to Asia so that you can travel prepared, safely, and worry-free.

Invest in travel insurance

Well-versed travellers might be tempted to skip this step and simply go with the flow, especially if you only plan to visit the safest areas in Asia. However, any travel expert will advise against such a move, simply because investing in travel insurance will make much more sense once you experience first-hand some of the more thrilling wonders in Asia, whether it’s an adventurous hike or a scooter ride in Bangkok.

Check with your travel agency if they offer a specific package that’s designed for such exotic destinations, and then you should shop around to see what others have to offer, and which plan makes the most sense for your travel itinerary.

Book a doctor’s appointment

First and foremost, any destination you intend to visit comes with different risks to your health, especially if you plan to stay for a while longer and travel to various, less touristy areas. In this case, Asia is brimming with natural spots, urban regions, as well as hidden treasure troves you’ll wish to explore. Prepare your immune system to handle a different climate and prevent potential issues.

Talk to your doctor about what vaccinations you may need depending on the region you wish to visit, and leave ample time to prepare, because certain shots take months to complete. When you decide where you want to go, check for vaccination updates just to make sure you’re covered for all the essentials!

Bring the essentials

Culture is not the only thing you’ll encounter that will differ from what you’ve had the chance to experience thus far. Asia is known as both a tech hub and a well of natural riches just waiting to be explored, but depending on where you decide to stay, you should prepare for a whole slew of different conditions from those you’re used to.

For example, their tap water may be safe to drink for the locals, but perhaps those with a sensitive stomach may need probiotics to get used to the water in Asia. Then again, especially if you’re coming from Australia, you’ll find that you may need Go Travel accessories such as the power adaptor to safely charge your electronics. Without them, most of your gadgets such as your phone or your laptop may be rendered useless.

Make a plan

No two people will enjoy the same itinerary when visiting Asia, and considering its vastness, you truly need to do your research beforehand. While you should definitely leave some level of flexibility to make unplanned stops while you explore, you also need to have a rough idea of the places you wish to see, especially if they require booking early.

From looking into the less-known Asian destinations such as Oman or Bhutan, all the way to seeking out the dreamiest coffee shops in Ipoh to taste their famous white coffee, it pays to spend some time researching your must-see destinations.

Pack light

When it comes to your luggage, you may also feel tempted to stuff your bags with as many different outfits as possible. Instead, you can consider saving up a little extra cash (as well as luggage space) by shopping in certain Asian cities where it is far more affordable, and you’re likely to find weather-perfect items to keep you comfortable during your travels.

Since you’ll spend most of your time outside, and in a very warm, humid part of the globe, bring light layers and plenty of sunscreen. For ladies, if you plan to visit less urban areas, make sure you have ample toiletries such as tampons as they might be hard to come by in the rural regions of Asia.

Master the art of bargaining

In addition to the bustling city streets filled with boutique stores and cafes, you’ll also encounter plenty of street vendors and local markets that will be worth a trip. What you need to know is that the local custom invites you to bargain for the best price you can get! You may not be comfortable at first, but rest assured that this is in the spirit of the Asian culture, and an interesting experience at that.

Make sure to ask around and learn from people who have visited these spots before you. Locals are great at assessing a new visitor and seeing if they can get far more for a certain item than its actual value, so learning from experienced visitors may be helpful in turning you into an expert!

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