The long-awaited sequel to the blockbuster, Avatar will hit theatres in December 2022, delighting fans who have waited patiently for almost a decade. The anticipation for Avatar 2‘s (Avatar: The Way of Water) December release is palpable, and it’s not only the movie itself that’s generating the excitement.

Avatar: The Experience, an interactive walk-through environment based on James Cameron’s worldwide hit movie, is scheduled to open at Gardens by the Bay on 28 October 2022 until 31 March 2023. The mystical Cloud Forest is the ideal backdrop for the lush forests of the alien world of Pandora.

What to expect in the magical world of Pandora at Avatar: The Experience at Gardens by the Bay

Travellers to Pandora will experience the island’s bioluminescent settings, interact with its magical fauna and flora, and learn about the Na’vi, the island’s indigenous people and their fascinating culture.

Visits to the aesthetically spectacular Avatar: The Experience at Gardens by the Bay’s famed Cloud Forest will be elevated thanks to the exhibit’s remarkable interactives and captivating material spread over the park’s five distinct zones.

An animatronic banshee, larger than life in size, will make its premiere as part of the event’s interactives; its lifelike appearance, accurate roars, and real-time reactions to its surroundings are sure to amaze attendees. Guests will also have the opportunity to meet a baby banshee, who professional puppeteer docents will handle for some truly unforgettable photos.

You can also catch a first glimpse at a stunning sculpture depicting the new aquatic species Ilu from the next film, Avatar: The Way of Water. The trail continues with intriguing installations around the stadium.

How to get tickets

Can’t wait for the event? The experience is a unique ticketed event, and Klook is the event’s official ticketing partner. Admission tickets have already been released for sale since 10 October, so you better hurry and grab those tickets!

Discounted admission to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome is available for a limited time on Klook with the promo code AVEARLY10, valid until 28 October 2022.

Tickets are also available through the official venue partner, Gardens by the Bay. For more details, visit Avatar: The Experience’s website for additional information.

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