Keep finding yourself speeding off to your local plant nursery when the weekend rolls around? Well, we’re guilty as charged! If you’ve ever caught yourself fidgeting in your office that’s stark without greens, we understand if you turn to Instagram for your daily dose of Vitamin P (for plants!).

Here are our pick of Instagram accounts that are an absolute must-follow for budding plant parents or seasoned gardeners to spruce up your feed with beautiful blooms, plant inspiration, and helpful gardening tips!

1. Statement moss art: @terraliving

Terrariums are a wonder of nature — they’re such a sight to behold when an entire miniature ecosystem thrives on its own inside a little jar.

TerraLiving takes terrariums a step further by introducing art into these miniature gardens with the help of 3D printing and a type of living moss the founders have developed (known as Zero Moss) that requires no upkeep.

The best part about following TerraLiving is that whenever their posts or videos appear on your feed, it’s always a minuscule sight to behold. If you’ve extra moolah to spend, the Melaka-based gallery has some of their works available to purchase on their Lazada store.

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2. Urban edible garden on a balcony: @ladyofleisuremalaysia

Evangeline Lim, known on Instagram as Lady of Leisure, has a tiny home garden where she grows herbs, vegetables, and decorative plants right on the balcony of her small home. She also calls herself a ‘harvest chef’ by incorporating her edible garden into the dishes she makes.

From desserts to platters, her food pics are drool-inducing for a good reason. Evangeline is also the founder of the Facebook group Plant Swag Malaysia, where anyone can adopt or trade their plants. She even hosts physical Plant Swag events where anyone is free to adopt or swap plants for a small fee.

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3. Monsteras and so much more: @notanotherjungle

UK-based gardener Tony Le-Britton has his home chock-full of various tropical plants that are just so rare! He’s also appeared in multiple publications and news portals to talk about his love of propagating plants and collecting rare plant specimens.

It’s not just his home that is filled with plants — he’s even converted his garage, located in the middle of the Northamptonshire countryside, to become a greenhouse for his tropical plants to flourish! Now, that’s dedication.

Inspired by his travels to the tropical rainforests in Asia, Tony made it his goal to recreate the environment in his home in the UK. He collects tropical plants, mainly monstera and alocasias, of various varieties and rarities.

If you’re visiting Northampton, UK, you can pop by Tony’s store to view his curated collection of plants for sale at his shop, Not Another Jungle.

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4. Ethereal and otherworldly air plants: @wanchan_0

Air plants are easy to take care of, given that you have a well-ventilated area with medium to high humidity levels. Japanese plant photographer Wan Chan perfectly captures the otherworldly beauty of air plants on his account!

Besides his passion for photography and styling his air plant shoots, Wan Chan also writes tutorials on his blog about tillandsia care and detailed styling tutorials.

His written works are in Japanese but are easy to understand as they’re accompanied by various pictures in step-by-step tutorials and can be translated with the click of a button.

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5. Colourful floral arrangements: @bloomandburn

Bloom and Burn is a floral arrangement studio based in the county of Kent in England. Wispy and delicate, but at the same time, bold and beautiful, their arrangements are bursts of colour that truly have their own defining style.

What’s interesting is that Bloom and Burn are strict on not using floral foam in their arrangement (as it contains harmful chemicals) and instead use wiring to create their often gravity-defying works. Most of their designs feature seasonal British blooms, and their work has been showcased at British Flowers Week in 2019 at the Garden Museum.

You can learn their styling tricks for floral arrangements by participating in their in-person, full-day classes at their studio based in Kent, England, for £525 per person (approximately RM2,765). Otherwise, watch their pre-recorded online floral arrangement class on Domestika instead (it’s priced at a more affordable rate!).

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6. Calming aquascapes: @theworldofgreen

Self-taught aquascapist Jonas Loose runs @theworldofgreen and features zen water gardens, nano coral reefs, and even a micro rainforest that are all built within fish tanks on his account.

Jonas often incorporates running water, plants, and tiny animals (clear-bodied fish, shrimps, or hermit crabs) into his intricate aquascapes to recreate a thriving ecosystem within a small space, which requires high levels of attention to detail.

Jonas also creates videos of his builds on his YouTube channel, where the entire process of creating the aquascapes has been recorded in a cinematic and calming manner.

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7. Just a taste of the forbidden fruit: @boyswithplants

Big and bushy, tall and healthy, what’s not to love about your favourite bo… plant, we mean! Boys with Plants is an account dedicated to all the plant dads of Instagram, posing proudly with some being a bit more risqué. Not that we’re complaining!

It’s simple, really. This account reposts various dedicated gardeners or plant lovers who identify as male. Each post comes with a caption, tagging the person in the photo, and also the name of the plant for, well, research purposes.

Boys with Plants even have an online shop selling merch — think books, mugs, and even underwear for plant lovers!

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