Does your Instagram feed need a little spruce up? If you’re tired of seeing the same boring content, here are some Instagram accounts worth following that’ll serve you nostalgia, Malaysian creativity, lots of colour, and a dose of history. They bring you the best of Malaysia, whether it’s a Scott’s Cod Liver Oil commercial from the ’90s, food content, design, or a slang phrase you didn’t know about.

So, next time you’re hanging out with your friends at Mekdi or Stabak, and someone asks you, “Any cool Malaysian accounts to follow?”, you can show off gitew!

1. Old but gold bits by @malaysia.time.tunnel

We do not doubt that this account will have you reminiscing times of the past or maybe even make you want to time travel for a bit. Take this 1980s McDonald’s Menu, for example, or this photo of Jaya Jusco in 1985, or perhaps Genting’s caterpillar ride in 2007! There are so many treasures here that scrolling Malaysia Time Tunnel will give you tunnel vision for a while.

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2. Be less of a blur sotong with @myslangbank

In case you really don’t know what ‘blur sotong’ is, it’s explained here. Grow your local slang vocabulary with Slang Bank so that the next time you ajak (invite) your friends out, you can say: “Watpe2? Yumcha, onz, mou? (What are you doing? Shall we catch up over drinks?)

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3. Admire the beauty of shophouses with @kiakia.project

Kia kia literally means walk-walk in the Hokkien dialect. Originally a project highlighting the shophouses in Penang, Kia Kia Project now also tells the visual stories of shophouses across Malaysia. We love their visual approach to the colours, patterns, and signages!

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4. Get acquainted with talent at @malaysiacreativearchives

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like, “Why do other countries have so many talented artists but in Malaysia…” Well, we’re going to stop you right there! Our country does indeed have many talents, and Malaysia Creative Archives is here to shine the spotlight on them.

Psst! If you’re a creative looking to put yourself out there, this is a great place to start, or alternatively, sign yourself up at Cult Creative, the creatives’ version of LinkedIn!

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5. Discover the art of local typography at

Yes, we have a type collective in Malaysia! Isn’t that testament to the amount of genius and skill our local community has to offer? Their Instagram will serve you retro vibes, with type inspired by Malaysian elements and the occasional #jalanjalantypography photos, where they document local signages and type.

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6. Browse truly Malaysian products by

As their tagline suggests, Apom wants everyone to have a piece of Malaysia, as Malaysians know it. The typical tourist landmarks do not define us — we love to syok sendiri and cannot live if we don’t makan. Check out their website for awesome products you won’t be able to resist.

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7. Celebrate home cooking with @periukmy

At Periuk, all kinds of Malaysian recipes are featured, focusing on diversity. They celebrate the rich traditions behind our local cuisines by ensuring every recipe is tried and tested before publication. Trust us, you will be salivating at the amazing food on their timeline and itching to try them in your own kitchen. You can find the recipes on their website.

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8. Travel back in time through @_historybuff ‘s timeline

Buckle up, history enthusiasts, as this Instagram account will take you on a ride through time. Tonnes of photos, videos, and documents of Malaysia’s past adorn the timeline in sepia and monochrome. Make sure to plan your time well, or you’ll risk getting sucked into the history vortex!

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