Quicker Jabs for Tourism Sector, Grab Rebates To PPVs, & Other Vaccine Updates

Photo by Mat Napo via Unsplash
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Sarawak is on the right track as it becomes the first Malaysian state to establish an industrial vaccination centre (PPVIN) for the tourism and business events industry. With the aim of increasing their vaccination rate to 65,000 per day, the state is hoping to achieve herd immunity by mid-August. This is made possible after issues of a slow vaccine rollout due to supply shortages were addressed.

On that note, authorities in Sarawak are looking to ease SOPs and reopen more economic sectors as they progress into the second phase of Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan (NRP). This follows in the footsteps of Sarawak’s neighbouring state, Sabah, which moved to phase 2 of the NRP on 10 July.

Meanwhile, in Selangor, residents are getting transportation aid from the Selangor state government. A Grab rebate of up to RM20 (RM 10 for a one-way trip or RM20 for a round trip per person) is being distributed to 40 selected PPVs (vaccine centres) in Selangor. This rebate is available until 30 September and all Selangor residents are eligible. They just need to register for the rebate on the PLATS website.

In other COVID-19 updates, there’s growing concern over news of the new Lambda variant. This strain is believed to be more contagious than the Delta variant, formerly considered the most infectious COVID-19 strain. Health experts are advising the government to conduct mass testing to prepare against this new strain that’s so far been found in over 30 countries. Stay safe!

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