In the heart of Malaysia, a treasure trove of cultural heritage lies within the rich tapestry of local folklore. These timeless tales, passed down through generations, offer insights into the traditions, beliefs, and values of our region’s diverse communities.

One such captivating way to experience the magic of folklore is through the mesmerising melodies of Dondang Dongeng — a unique musical genre that brings these stories to life. And soon you and your family can see a modern take on an ancient tradition in a series of special shows fit for all ages!

What is Dondang Dongeng?

Dondang Dongeng is an ancient Malay art form that combines storytelling with song and music. Dondang Dongeng is an endeavour in passing down, in our own way, the stories of cherished Malaysian folklore, such as the cunning and mischievous Sang Kancil and the legends of beautiful local princesses, complete with essential morals to take away.

These songs are a celebration of our traditions, relating to who we are, our history, the present, and the future.

Bridging the past and present

For one weekend only, Dondang Dongeng is expertly woven into a dreamscape, full of stories less remembered but not long forgotten. This special showcase is helmed by a team of esteemed creatives including Irena Taib, composer and member of The Impatient Sisters; Mia Palencia, renowned singer and songwriter; Melina William, a musician and producer; and other highly sought-after local talents.

Where to catch Dondang Dongeng

Stage 1, PJPAC, 1 Utama E
Friday, 25 August: 8:30pm
Saturday, 26 August: 3pm and 8:30pm

Tickets can be purchased here starting at RM68 while the matinee starts from RM48. Bookings for groups and schools can also be made via WhatsApp at +6011-2626 2744.

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