Are you craving some mouth-watering nibbles, whether sweet or savoury? Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) is back with some delicious snacks for you to enjoy while watching your favourite movies this May. Here are the top three snacks you should try at GSC.

The Super Game Box

Happy 90s, kids! GSC has introduced a limited-edition ‘Super Game Box’ in honour of the premiere of the highly anticipated The Super Mario Bros. film, which includes a new flavour of popcorn called onde-onde that takes its inspiration from the savoury notes of freshly grated coconut and aromatic pandan.

The onde-onde popcorn has a slight green hue, and the packaging is reminiscent of the Koopa Troopa shells from The Super Mario Bros. game series. The combination pack includes a bottle of Minute Maid orange juice (300 ml) and a large soft drink to enjoy throughout the film.

The Super Game Box is available from 13 April to 12 May (whilst stocks last) across all cinema locations nationwide, priced at RM16 (ala carte) and RM18 (combo).

Pisang Goreng

GSC’s new savoury yet sweet Pisang Goreng hot snack is a nod to the ubiquitous bananas in The Super Mario Bros. game series but with a Malaysian twist. Pisang goreng is also popular Malaysian street food snack traditionally eaten at tea time and can now be enjoyed during movie time. The combo package is served with So Tinge, a fruit-infused soda drink in two varieties.

The Pisang Goreng is priced at RM9 (ala carte) and RM12 (combo) from April 6 to 10 May at participating GSC locations (while supplies last).

BBQ Chicken Drumettes

In May, a new product called BBQ Chicken Drumettes will be released, catering to moviegoers who prefer savoury snacks while watching films. The chicken drumettes are coated to perfection with a smokey yet flavourful glaze, totally satisfying with just one crunch. Those who buy the BBQ chicken drumettes combo will get 50% off the much-loved Super Fries, which go perfectly with the chicken.

The chicken drumettes can be bought starting on 4 May at specific GSC locations for RM15 (ala carte) and RM18 (combo). A side of fries, normally RM10 (West Malaysia) or RM10.50 (East Malaysia), is on sale for half the price from 4 May through 3 June.

Visit their website for more details.

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