Frequent flyers are way too familiar with the frustration of having a limited liquid amount when flying. Well, there’s good news – London City Airport announced on 4 April 2023 that it is scrapping the 100ml liquid rule, becoming the first major U.K. airport to drop such a rule.

This means that departing passengers can bring two litres of liquids in their carry-on bags from this point forward. Additionally, passengers won’t have to take anything out of their luggage for security inspection at the airport, including laptops, electronics, cosmetics, and other goods.

Hassle-free travel

Airport officials anticipate this will lead to a more positive passenger experience and streamlined security procedures, allowing the airport to process an additional 30% of passengers every hour. The 100 ml rule, in effect since 2006, will be eliminated after the introduction of next-generation, high-tech C3 scanners, which will allow for 360-degree screening of passengers’ luggage.

This is wonderful news for travellers, especially those who like to bring drinks or toiletries. The newfound freedom of not worrying about whether or not your shampoo, perfume, or water bottle would exceed the 100ml limit means you can take any toiletries you choose on your trip. It also means you won’t have to empty your liquids into a separate bag at security, saving you time and hassle.

By June 2024, Britain intends to have all airports equipped with new scanners, reducing security line-ups by eliminating the need for travellers to remove various things from their bags. London City Airport, 16km east of central London and serving mostly European destinations, is the busiest British airport to implement the technology, following Teesside in north-east England earlier this year.

Trials of the new scanners are currently ongoing at some of the United Kingdom’s busiest airports, including Heathrow Terminal 3, Gatwick Airport, and Birmingham Airport, marking the beginning of a new era of air travel.