All other recycling centres need to step up! Since its conception in 2009 and through its Recycling and Buy-Back Centre (RBBC), IPC Shopping Centre has been a hub that promotes and encourages sustainable living. After decades of being a one-stop shop for the community’s recycling journey, it’s now received a much-needed revamp and upgrade that includes brand new features and other enhancements.

Still located in level P1 at the IPC carpark zone, the new look features a minimal and clean approach similar to the Scandinavian aesthetic. Quite fitting, considering IKEA is just one level above. The new facelift also includes more waste categories!

Here are three reasons why you need to drop your recyclables here:

1. You can recycle almost anything

Previously, RBBC started with six categories — cardboard, newspaper, plastics, metal, and aluminium. Now, a wider recyclable variety has been added, like, drink cartons, polystyrene, and textiles.

In their ongoing effort to nurture a greener lifestyle, RBBC now accepts other non-recyclable waste categories like light tubes and bulbs, medicine, glass, electronic waste, and food waste. And this is all part of their effort to curb waste from piling into our landfills.

All hazardous waste is handled with care and professionally while being disposed of safely to stop further environmental pollution often caused by toxins from glass, batteries, and other electronic devices. Recyclable parts are repurposed too!

2. Let’s get digital

As part of its massive revamp, the RBBC is now an entirely digitalised experience too, which helps the accuracy of data collection of recycled items. There’s also a user-friendly interactive touch screen strategically placed so that even children can take part in recycling their waste.

So, besides being the hub for all things recycling and waste disposal, the RBBC also serves as a hub that helps educate future generations. Not only that, making recycling fun and more interactive for them helps instil greener habits that they’ll carry into adulthood.

3. Some good deeds do go unpunished

Running alongside their new upgrade, together with Nestlé and Tumboh, is their green campaign ‘Smarter, Greener, Together’. It offers consumers double the rewards for their paper, plastic, and aluminium waste. Shoppers who drop off recyclables that meet the weight categories are entitled to receive rewards!

Click here to know more about the Smarter, Greener, Together campaign and for more information on RBBC’s upgraded experience, visit IPC Shopping Centre’s website.