Beauty rituals can be quite cathartic — whether you’re getting ready to put your best face forward in the morning or getting un-ready at night. It’s also a no-brainer that you ought to look after your skin — it’s the body’s largest organ and the healthier your complexion is, the better your makeup will look. The hard part though is finding the right skincare and makeup.

The good news is that Ainz & Tulpe (A&T) has just opened its first Southeast Asian store in Bukit Jalil Tsutaya Books at Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

A&T’s 3,569 sq ft boutique is stocked with Japan’s finest beauty items ranging from skincare to make-up to body hair to haircare. Just think — you can easily get lost amongst 4,000 products from 250 unique Japanese brands that have made a debut here in the Malaysian market.

Well, we checked it out for ourselves, and here are some J-beauty brands and goods at A&T you need to add to your vanity:


AYURA’s natural plant-based components are carefully selected for each product, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. When it comes to beauty, you can’t go wrong with the AYURA Clear Refiner and AYURA Balancing Primer.


Featuring skin-friendly ingredients carefully selected by pharmacists, LIPS & HIPS never fails to add a hint of sweetness to its products to brighten up the day. Try their best-selling hand cream, which comes in four fragrances: Lily Bergamot, Savon, Romance Bouquet, and Fruity Rose.


DAZZSHOP’s Sparkling Gem (a creamy, pigmented shadow) is a MUST HAVE in your beauty collection. It’s long-lasting, blends effortlessly, and provides a stunning result.

Aside from these three essential beauty brands, you need to cop these specific products:

4. Fujiko’s FPP Powder

This Fujiko Pon Pon Powder includes a pompom, which you simply tap on your roots to absorb excess sebum and oiliness. It can prevent odour from the scalp and greasy hair, as well as restore volume to your mane. This is ideal for touch-ups in the afternoon or when you don’t have time to wash your hair. In other words, the perfect alternative to a dry shampoo.

5. The Public Organic’s Super Bouncy DM Shampoo and Treatment

The Super Bouncy DM series hydrates hair from the inside out for more manageable locks. Natural components make about 98% of the gentle formula. A plant-based amino acid surfactant gently washes the scalp and hair so your tresses feel clean, but not stripped of moisture.

6. Chacott’s Finishing Powder Matte

This is a finishing powder that reduces shine, minimises pores, and sets makeup. An all-in-one that’s handy to have throughout the day. It works well on most skin types — even sensitive skin and is gentle enough for use on children’s skin too! So, the next time your little one has a dance recital, you know what you need!

To celebrate the store opening, A&T has also launched a membership app on mobile. Whether in-store or online, customers can earn one point for every RM20 spent. You can then get RM60 off your next purchase when you reach 60 points.

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