Want to know what’s happening this weekend in Kuala Lumpur? Look no further. There’s a whole calendar of exciting events, exhibits, and activities taking place at this cool new community mall called GMBB (visit them on Facebook and Instagram to learn more). Meanwhile, you can also enjoy some coffee, music, and more when you drop by the ‘Better Days’ With Coffee & Music event happening in downtown KL. Here is a list of activities can you look forward to.

1. Visit Gallery Gerimis

Nov 27-28 | 11:30am to 6pm | 3rd Floor, GMBB | Free admission
From dance performances to puppet shows to arts and crafts to food tasting, discover our indigenous culture and identity through a variety of activities. Learn about the Orang Asli’s mythological and folklore stories firsthand through a storytelling performance known as Cermor x Sewang. Try some of their traditional dishes, such as cassava, rice, and bamboo-cooked chicken. You can find the complete list of all the free activities here.

2. LoveMYBatik Exhibition by KLWKND

25 Nov–5 Dec | The Grey Box, Ground Floor, GMBB | Free Admission
What makes our Malaysian batik so special? You may learn more about Malaysian Batik at the LoveMYBatik Exhibition which highlights its history, adaptability, and everlasting nature. Traditional Batik artwork prints by past masters have been brought out from Universiti Sains Malaysia’s art collection, as well as contemporary reinterpretations and even a projection mapping of the batik creation process.

3. Get your Game On Lah!

27-28 Nov | 11am to 6pm | Free admission
Make the most of your ‘logged-off’ time by playing board games. Bring your friends and families to compete and test out 10 different and unique Malaysian-made board games. Participants will also have the opportunity to win up to five board games!

4. Refocus your energy with Caravan Tea by The Other School

Throughout Nov | 11am to 1pm | Reka2, 3rd Floor, GMBB | RM20
Slow down and enjoy the act of preparing tea for an invigorating break from your daily grind. Now is the time to book a spot.

5. Telur Pecah 2021 Contemporary Art Exhibition

15 Oct-28 Nov | 11am to 6pm | Kesana Kesini, 3rd Floor, GMBB | Free Admission
Telur Pecah is a contemporary art exhibition featuring 50 outstanding Malaysians presenting their views of art and Malaysia via a spectrum of unique individual styles. From special-needs artists to senior artists, from big scale artworks to delicate sculptures, Telur Pecah offers a diverse line-up of diverse skills. This is your last chance to see how Malaysians from all walks of life are using art to #MakeMore!

6. Lepak sketch session with Chamology and PIJ Studio

27-28 Nov | 3pm to 5pm| 1st Floor, GMBB | Free
Ever wanted to (ahem) try your hand at drawing? If you’ve been considering it, but are unsure of whether or not to go all in, then spend the weekend with a graffiti artist and illustrator for a casual drawing class. Best of all, it’s free!

7. The ‘Self’ in art exhibition by SEKUTOO

19 Nov–5 Dec | 11am to 6pm | 2nd Floor, GMBB | Free Admission
SEKUTOO is a massive gathering of 58 artists from 10 art collectives. Each art collective has developed a collaborative artwork especially for this exhibition, inspired by the #Kitajagakita campaign. Find your-SELF in our local artists’ stunning masterpieces.

8. Portrait painting

27 Nov (1pm to 6pm) and 28 Nov (2pm to 6pm) | Reka2, 3rd Floor, GMBB | RM40 to RM70
Take home a one-of-a-kind portrait done by skilled local artists in their own distinct style and creative approach.

9. Bakat Muda Sezaman 2021

Balai Seni Negara’s Bakat Muda Sezaman Competition this year has introduced the concept of “Seni di Lokasi or “Art in Site,” which allows artists from all across Malaysia to display their work in any location they want. GMBB is home to four Bakat Muda Sezaman participants, and they are:

  • Chloe Yap featuring a mixed media installation artwork called “I don’t really want you to see me, but I still want to show you” on the 9th Floor of GMBB.
  • Lim Bo Qiang & Chow Chin Sien showcasing “The New Visible Horizon” which is on 3rd Floor of GMBB.
  • Rais Azmi presenting a mobile mural called “Solitary Wall” available on the Ground Floor of GMBB.
  • Nur Fera Ereen featuring a mixed media installation called “Alam Maya” on the 2nd Floor of GMBB.

10. Storytelling and bookmark making with Ayano & Sanae

28 Nov | 11am to 12pm and 1pm to 2pm | Reka2, 3rd Floor, GMBB | Free
If you’re looking for a fun activity for you and your kids to do together, this is it. Organised by the Museum of Picture Book Art, all the materials you’ll need to get creative with your little ones are supplied. Prebook your slot here.

11. Glow-in-the-dark space mural painting by Nur Fera Ereen

27-28 Nov | 3pm to 5:30pm | 2nd Floor, GMBB | RM50
Trust when we say that this is going to be hella fun! Test your artistic abilities by constructing a glow-in-the-dark mural on a black mounting board. Register here.

12. Kirigami with Mimi

27 Nov (12pm) and 28 Nov (12pm and 3pm) | 1st Floor, GMBB | RM15
Learn how to make a basic pop-up accordion book using kirigami, a Japanese art form that entails cutting and folding paper into objects or designs in this hour-long workshop. You can reserve a spot right here.

13. Making 16-page zines from A4 paper with Aunty Em

27-28 Nov | 12pm to 1pm and 3pm to 4pm | 1st Floor, GMBB | RM30
Another one for the kids! Emila Yusof, an award-winning visual artist, will show youngins aged seven to 12 years old how to make their own miniature zine from a single A4 sheet. Take a seat and reserve a time slot via WhatsApp at +6013-2482278.

14. Celebrate ‘Better Days’ with coffee and music

27-28 Nov | 12pm to 4pm | REXKL | Free
Join the fun and Celebrate ‘Better Days’ by NEIKED, Mae Muller, and Polo G all weekend long. There will be heaps of freebies and fun activities, including an art workshop (register here)!