An avid proponent of The Shine Theory, Hanani believes that everyone (especially women) should be supportive for each other and that you can reach the stars once you set your mind into it. She is a freelance travel writer, apart from her ‘ikigai' of empowering underprivileged youths with go-getter mindset and innovation. You’ll find her attempts on poetry and hiking reports on Instagram.

Testing My Limit With Mount Talang, Indonesia

By , 30 January 2019

This mountain is not as popular as the ones of the seven summits of Indonesia but Mount Talang is a good choice in itself.

What I Found About Being A Woman In Beirut

By , 9 May 2018

Many women prioritize family over work because the of the strength and significance of the family bond here, as in most Arab cultures.

7 Perfect Gifts For Your Favourite Female Globe-trotter

By , 7 March 2018

Know a globe-trotter or a wanderluster? You don't have to wrack your brains for the perfect gift come the next special occasion anymore.