Lyana Khairuddin is a scientist who works on HIV and HPV, educator, a wannabe writer and an amateur runner. She holds a major in loving & living life to the fullest, specialising on travelling for her passions in science and running, with a minor in appreciating good food and coffee. She enjoys making new acquaintance guess her ethnicity but always happy to answer that she is a Malaysian.

10 Best International Marathons Around The World You Should Join

By , 23 August 2016

We asked 10 Malaysian runners for their favourite marathons held in destinations that are ideal for a pre- or post-race vacation.

For The Travelling Runners: Malaysia Women Marathon

By , 29 January 2015

The running bug first bit me back in 2010, having run my first 5km in “The Bridge to Brisbane”. Returning to KL in 2011, I set my sights on 10km runs, then half-marathons and finally found the cou...

Sex & The Kuala Lumpur City

By , 5 January 2015

Love and sex are the two most desirable wants of human beings, and it can be either easy or complicated in any jungle or city in the world. KL is no exception.

From One Booklover To Another: Best Reading Nooks & Crannies

By ,, 12 December 2014

Kinokuniya is both accessible and a haven for book lovers seeking to browse for titles or have a cuppa (Picture from Facebook) There’s an inside joke in my family, where if we were to all go out on ...

My City, My Home: Of Buses, Trains & Roads Taken In Kuala Lumpur

By , 6 November 2014

Having grown up as a Penang-lang, I have always thought of Kuala Lumpur, or more affectionately known as KL among us Malaysians, as the big city. I can still remember my first memory of having set foo...