Lorna is a software engineer based in Ireland; a qualified accountant who made a 360-degree career shift to Information Technology during the Y2K era. She and her husband, Joey have big appetites for travelling, learning new cultures, and a passion for experiencing varied cuisines. Follow them as they chronicle life's little perks!

10 Things To Remember Before And While You Travel

By , 17 November 2018

As avid travellers, we’ve come up with a checklist complete with reminders and things to keep in mind when planning to travel away from home!

Snippets from Tallinn, Estonia

By , 4 October 2018

Like a classic fairy tale movie, wander into colourful houses, cobblestoned alleyways, medieval buildings, and watch towers.

A Filipino Expat In China

By , 18 September 2018

Having lived in Ireland for the last 10 years, a country that’s seemingly quiet with a population size of just about 4.7 million, I couldn’t contain my excitement upon knowing that I’d be going ...