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10 Tips For Women Travelling To Berlin, Germany

By , 13 December 2016

Visiting Berlin is quite the experience if you’re into history, art, culture and of course, the nightlife.

Where Artistic Souls And Creative Minds Hang Out In Asia

By , 12 August 2016

For those who enjoys artistic and creative pursuits and want to mingle with like-minded souls.

4 Reasons I Look (And Feel) Better When In Malaysia Than In Berlin

By , 23 October 2015

I lay on a semi-hard table covered by a thin sheet of white paper, in a clean, clinical room, so bathed in stark white light I feel I might need my sunglasses. Waist down I am naked, but that doesn’...

6 Hacks For Business Travellers To Be Productive As Soon As They Land

By , 7 October 2015

When I first started travelling, each time I moved from one place to next, I inevitably waste a few days being non-productive as I adjust to the new place...

How To Make Friends In A New City When Travelling Solo

By , 10 July 2015

As a solo traveller, one of my priorities when I land in a new destination is to get out and make some friends.

5 Awesome Places For Travellers To Work From In Kuala Lumpur

By , 13 May 2015

As someone who also makes a living working online, good wifi is a priority for me. Which is why I scoured the town looking for 5 awesome places to work from in Klang Valley to make life a tad bit easi...