Celine Chew
Celine Chew is a full-time stay-at-home mum to two littles - Zoe (5) and Quentin (3). Playing chef, driver, entertainer, and hugs-and-kisses provider currently takes centre stage in her life. Behind the scenes, she enjoys reading, sports, travelling, and writing. All of which she is slowly weaving into her new life as a mother.

Khob Khun Car! A Mother’s Road Trip To Thailand With Her Family

By , 9 March 2023

Flying for a holiday too costly these days for the entire fam bam? Why not consider a road trip to another country that’s not down South? Celine shares her first-hand tips and experience on driving ...

Travelling Without The Kids: How To Prep Them And Yourself

By , 10 February 2023

Everyone talks about how to prep when travelling with kids, but no one ever prepares you to travel without them! Our writer, Celine, may have an idea.

Camping With Kids: A Mum’s Tips On How To Do It Well

By , 24 January 2023

Bye-bye, lockdown and hello, the great outdoors! In 2022, camping became the new bubble tea, and our family simply could not miss jumping on this bandwagon. Here are tips on camping with your kids fro...