Penang, Malaysia’s Heritage Highlights [VIDEO]

Khoo Kongsi Penang  (Photo Credit: Flickr / Mark Mark爱生活)
You’ve probably heard of Khoo Kongsi with their elaborate and ornate architecture in Penang, but did you know more than just that in the Pearl of the Orient? (Photo Credit: Flickr / Mark爱生活)

You may always hear about Penang island and her fun beaches and amazing street food, but did you know that Penang’s capital – George Town – is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site? Needless to say, there are countless cultural and historical highlights here to be enjoyed and experienced, such as the Clan Jetties, Khoo Kongsi and other religious sites. To get you started, here are some other places of interest you may want to consider visiting the next time you’re in town:

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Tengku Zai
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