What To Do In Kota Kinabalu: Day Trip To Kundasang

Bohey Dulang, Sabah. (Photo Crediit: Flickr / Memang Rizalis Est)
Bohey Dulang, Sabah. (Photo Crediit: Flickr / Memang Rizalis Est)

The roads are winding and sometimes steep, but if you’re a fan of quaint little towns, you’ll want to take a scenic ride up Mount Kinabalu towards Kundasang. It’s not an easy drive, so be sure you’re confident behind the wheel or hire someone to take you. If you’re short on time or planning to just pop by, here are some of the must-visits:

Kundasang Town

Kundasang, Sabah. (Photo Credit: Flickr / Amanda Audrey Chong)
Kundasang, Sabah. (Photo Credit: Flickr / Amanda Audrey Chong)

Many stop here to just revel in nature’s beauty. If you need a bathroom break, some food to kill your hunger or just to stretch your legs, this is the best place to do it

Kota Kinabalu Park

This is where most trekkers start their arduous trek up the mountain, but the less inclined can take a walk along much shorter treks, taking in the view of Malaysia’s highest peak.

Desa Dairy Farm

New Zealand? Nope, just good ol' Malaysia.
Think you only see scenes like this in New Zealand? Think again.

Dubbed ‘the New Zealand of Malaysia’, you’ll be mesmerised from the moment you approach the gates of the farm. The rolling green fields dotted with cows, and the quaint farm with the mountains rising majestically in the back is one image that’ll stay in your memories. Don’t forget to try the fresh milk and yoghurt ice cream while you’re there.

Pro tip: Check the weather before you go. You don’t want to lose out on a picture perfect snap because of a little rain or mist.

Poring Hot Spring

A stream at the entrance of Poring Hot Springs. (Photo Credit: Flickr / YCTAN)

The experience of taking a dip in a hot spring while in cold weather is definitely not to be missed! Not only is the hot water relaxing, but it’s also believed to have healing properties. You can also visit the butterfly park where the Raja Brooke butterfly can be spotted, or simply trek through the canopy walk.

Upside Down House

Got a little bit more time on your hands before heading back to Kota Kinabalu? Stop by Malaysia’s first upside down house, the perfect place for Insta-worthy pictures. The interior is thoughtfully designed with items that’ll remind you of years gone by and you can even spot an upside down Perodua Kancil outside the house!


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