On 19 June 2022, most of the world will be celebrating Father’s Day, and often when we ask our dads what they would like as a gift, they’ll respond with something that leads to spending quality time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat him to a present that will put a smile on his face. Dads are known to be fuss-free and practical, so it only makes sense to gift your dad something that has value for money.

With just a short time left before Father’s Day approaches us, we thought we’d save you the headache of thinking of a gift idea. Featuring items from Malaysian businesses, big and small, this gift guide will have the remarkable man in your life feeling spoiled.

1. For the minimalist dad – watches from Nocturne

A watch is one of the best gifts for Father’s Day. Nocturne watches are classic yet contemporary and use only the finest materials for crafting. We love that the local brand’s watches offer the flexibility of switching styles through their ‘Quick-Release’ interchangeable straps. So your dad can instantly switch the straps and make the watch suitable for a business meeting, fancy dinner or even a chilled day out at the beach! Isn’t that a fantastic gift?

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2. For the dad who loves footwear – shoes from Tomaz

You can tell a gentleman’s worth by his shoes; as the saying goes, “Shoes maketh the man.” This Father’s Day, why not get your dad a pair of new kicks? Whether you’re looking for a couple of formal shoes, sneakers, loafers, or moccasins, you can get them all at local brand Tomaz.

A pair of Tomaz shoes will surely elevate your dad’s style and make him more of the gentleman he already is. The next time he wears them out, he will surely think of you!

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3. For the fashionable dad – apparel from Batik Boutique

Head over to Batik Boutique, an award-winning social enterprise, for some quality batik wear! Choose from their gift sets, which include a batik necktie and pocket square, or get a batik shirt on its own.

All their batik wear is hand-painted by artisans from marginalised communities, making them meaningful and unique. You can feel good knowing each purchase directly benefits those artisans while getting an excellent gift for dad!

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4. For the TCM-lovin’ Dad – health products from Eu Yan Sang

You know what they say, as we age, health is wealth! Sometimes our parents may be too busy with work and neglect their health. So this Father’s Day, why not take care of your dad’s health by getting him some health products, whether traditional or not.

Head over to Eu Yan Sang for the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) inclined, where they have special Parent’s Day gift sets. For just under RM200, you can get quality health products, including Gingko Biloba Extract, Cumquat Lemon Vinegar, American Ginseng Tea, and Bird’s Nest. Health is wealth.

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5. For the active dad – sportswear from FitGear

If your dad loves to clock those steps in, or you want to encourage him to stay active, getting him some sportswear this Father’s day may be your best bet. For an all-day, all-purpose shirt, local brand FitGear has a Wind Active t-shirt available in several colours.

Your dad doesn’t have to wear it only when working out; it could be great for casual wear. Why not get a pair of lounge shorts to match while you’re at it.

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6. For the dad who loves self-care – massage chair from Ogawa

If you have the budget to splurge this Father’s Day, there’s nothing better than getting your dad the ultimate massage chair. Yeap, we’re talking about one from Ogawa! He can enjoy the feeling of sinking into one of these massive comfy chairs after a long day of work.

Currently, Ogawa has a sale, and you can enjoy discounts up to 55% off! The best part? Your mum too can enjoy it, or even yourself!

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7. For the health-conscious dad – healthy snacks from Amazin’ Graze

It’s common for many of us to munch on things. If your dad is a snacker, why not encourage him to switch to healthy snacks instead of chomping away on junk food?

At Amazin’ Graze, you can get a wide variety of healthy granola, trail mixes, and nut butter if you want to pick something up for breakfast! Your dad (and his waistline) will thank you for the kind gesture!

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8. For the practical dad – wallet from Convoy Co.

This Father’s Day, perhaps it is also good to be practical and give your dad something he can use every day. A wallet is a useful gift that he doesn’t even know he needs yet, but will certainly appreciate.

Convoy Co. wallets are inspired by modernist architecture, and each is handmade using natural materials such as leather and suede, ensuring that each piece is unique. Your dad will love its superb construction, functionality, and minimalist style and proudly carry it everywhere.

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9. For the bibulous dad – Durian Whisky from Tropical Wine

If you want to gift something unique and catch your dad by surprise, why not get a bottle of the signature Durian Whisky? Tropical Wine’s Durian Whisky is made of 100% original premium Musang King Durian flesh from the best vintage trees.

The perfect, smooth blend of beverages is fascinating and can be sipped on for any occasion. Your dad will never expect it, and who knows? He might savour and drink it on every special occasion!

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10. For the simple dad – socks from Goodpair

Every man will appreciate a good pair of socks, and indeed your dad will be no different. Every pair of Goodpair socks is proudly made in Malaysia. You can even order personalised socks with a unique number as a gift or choose from various quirky designs that will give your dad’s wardrobe a nice pop of colour.

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11. For the organised dad – Lineae Planners

If your dad’s a writer, an artist, or someone who appreciates good stationery, how about checking out the local stationery brand, Lineae? Their range of luxury stationery promises quality and beautiful designs.

Carrying over 10 brands, Lineae curates a beautiful collection of notebooks, pens, and pencils that any stationery enthusiast will love. Every time your dad writes in his notebook or journal, he will surely think of you!

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12. Shaves2U Razors

Any man will know how expensive razors can be, and that cheap ones will only just leave you with more cuts on the face. Shaves2U offers affordable razors but ensures that they are still high quality.

Each razor has a swivel handle that’s ergonomically-designed to make it easy to grip and reach all around your face with little to no effort. Plus, all the Shaves2U razors are made in the USA and Germany, so quality is guaranteed. Your dad will love his shaving experience every single morning!

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