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8 Stunning Places In Malaysia That Look Like They’re Another Planet

By , 27 January 2023

Fantasise about travelling to distant worlds? Check out these places in Malaysia that are reminiscent of Star Wars’ Tatooine sand dunes or Indiana Jones’ historic caves.

2023 Horoscope Holiday: Where To Travel Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

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Fresh Fare: Farm-To-Table Restaurants You Can Dine In At Kuala Lumpur

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A rising social movement in the Kuala Lumpur dining scene, these farm-to-table restaurants serve sustainably-sourced food worth trying and coming back for more.

9 Malaysian Online Boutiques You Can Find Your CNY Outfits For Less Than RM200

By , 3 January 2023

It’s prints and ong colours galore when you check out our list of Malaysian online boutiques to shop for cheongsam or qipao for Chinese New Year. And they’re all below RM200!

Malaysia’s Music Madness: The Best Live Concerts & Shows Happening In 2023

By , 30 December 2022

With live shows back on worldwide, it’s time to gear yourself for upcoming concerts in Malaysia come 2023.

Steal To Splurge: Best Wagyu Spots In The Klang Valley

By , 16 November 2022

In the mood for a quality meal? This list of restaurants in and around Kuala Lumpur offers some of the best wagyu selections, suited for any budget.

10 New Eateries & Cafes To Visit In Kuala Lumpur

By , 10 November 2022

Looking to try something new instead of your usual spot? We’ve got you covered with this list of new F&B locations in Kuala Lumpur.

The Suite Life: 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms & Villas In Malaysia

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If you’re looking for the grandest of retreats in Malaysia to pamper and spoil yourself with, we’ve got some of the finest villas and suites to recommend.

11 Restaurants & Cafes Worth Checking Out At Artisan’s Playground By COOKHOUSE

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Eat and learn more about food at Artisan Playground by COOKHOUSE – from Sri Lankan cuisine to Melbourne-inspired cafes like Tucker.

Destination Wedding Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Saying, “I Do”

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If you’ve been wanting to say, “I do” overseas, check out our comprehensive guide to organising the destination wedding of your dreams.