Cruises are a must-try for those who zealously want to delve deeper into enriching the heritage and culture of the city. A few delightful hours of cruising can help you rejuvenate and taste plenty of blissful things. You can begin by indulging in the folk dance performance with the artist dancers, or you can choose to cherish being in the moment and enjoy the art. The melodious music at the backdrop of the cruise can potentially immerse you in the motion of joy.

Starting with a beautiful Dubai creek dhow cruise, where you can relish intimate moments with your loved one. Or head to the Deira Creek 5-star buffet dinner show for top-notch treatment. There are also a few luxurious Dubai Marina dinner cruises and a canal cruise that unveils marvellous canals, and mesmerises you with the beautiful backdrop of the ocean.

However, the most challenging part is to sort the beautiful out of the best. Here we have curated a list of the five best cruises to help you relish the city’s magnificence with creative specs.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai exposes you to the magnificent Dubai. You can ride through historical places to taste the fantastic culture and spend a vibrant evening in the oceanic backdrop. You can enjoy a romantic dinner with your beloved or immerse yourself in Dubai Creek’s beauty.

Besides, the Dhow Cruise is a beautiful escape from the monotony of daily routine, and it operates mainly in Dubai Marina and Deira Creek. Making it a lovely setting for those who want to relax and enjoy the refreshing wind over their face.

Deira Creek 5-Star Buffet Dinner Dhow Cruise

Deira is a luxury cruise that provides its guests with an ideal romantic dining experience against the enchanting backdrop of the ocean. They offer an exclusive shuttle service, keeping the tourists’ service a top priority.

There is no shortage of entertainment options aboard this largest dhow cruise, and guests can also indulge in the delicious cuisine served aboard. Also on the itinerary are several live music performances, so don’t forget to watch the Youwla and Tanoura folk dances.

Luxurious Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

The Luxury Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise is a 90-minute cruise that takes guests through the illuminated nighttime sights of Dubai Marina. This double-deck cruise provides top-notch hospitality and a wide range of buffets, including local and international cuisines.

The awe-striking view of the marina in the beauty of night from its upper deck is something everyone must experience. The visitors are allowed to have unlimited access to soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, and complimentary welcome drinks. This option is perfect for those on a romantic getaway and searching for some serenity on their trip.

Luxurious Canal Cruise

This luxurious Canal cruise takes one through enchanting streaks of colourful light, passes through the underwater canal, and gives a spellbinding view of the night. This 3-hour cruise has been thoughtfully designed to help its guests escape the monotony of life and unwind while taking in the fresh Dubai air.

The first thing that greets you as you step aboard is a traditional complimentary drink known as Kahwah – a specially prepared type of green tea commonly. Guests can also take their taste buds on a tour of distinct flavours while enjoying dance performances and live music shows.

Alexandra Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina

This dinner Cruise in Dubai dates you back to the ancient times when sailing through the alluring backdrop of water was one of the means of transport.
From the plethora of international cuisines to the mesmerising backdrop of the ocean, everything in this two-hour cruise is worth experiencing.

Whether you are on a family trip or holiday with loved ones, the vibrant and illuminating evening on the cruise will add to your memories. Like most cruises on this list, this one also offers plenty of entertainment options like the renowned Tanoura dance.