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If you’ve been looking for more candles to decorate your space with, this list is going to be great for you and the total opposite for your bank account. We’ve featured eight homegrown brands that create handcrafted soy candles that not only smell divine, they look exceptional too. 


Price range: RM35 – RM65

There are three types of candles to choose from ARECURATE. ‘No Bad Days’, which has a combination of butterscotch and creamy vanilla, is said to remind you of freshly-baked pastries. If you prefer a fresher scent, ‘Lost In The Rain’ does a good job with its jasmine and geranium leaf blend. Our favourite pick is its torso candle (which seems to be a trending design), made with jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla, and hints of rose petals.  

2. Nota Bene Candle Studio


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Price range: RM75

If you enjoy delicate and floral scents, Nota Bene’s selection will not disappoint. There are three beautifully-concocted options available. The first is ‘English Rose’, that features middle-notes of jasmine, violet, and geranium. ‘Chamomile Citrus’ has clary sage, lavender, and white thyme. And finally, ‘Gardenia Blossom’ is a combination of frangipani, jasmine, gardenia, and cyclamen.


3. Good Company


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Price range: RM22.90 – RM64.90

There are several items and scents from Good Company and all are, well, good. We love these five options, and they’re the brand’s best-sellers for good reason. ‘Apple Leaves’ smells like apples, red berries, cinnamon, clove, nectar, fallen leaves, and will have your space smelling like Christmas all year long. Meanwhile, ‘Lychee and Peony’ is the bottled equivalent of flower fields. If you’re missing London, the ‘Kensington’ is a great pick; it smells like English pear, freesia, rhubarb, and patchouli. Then, there’s ‘Amalfi’, inspired after the coast of Italy. It’s citrusy, fresh, and has notes of lime, mandarin orange, basil, and vetiver. 

Bonus: If you’re looking for scents to freshen your closet or drawers, the brand’s wax air fresheners are a curious pick! It’s available in the aforementioned scents too (except Amalfi). 



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Price range: RM49 – RM169 

The brand created 10 scents and split them into four categories. Starting with Sweet, Fruity and Floral, this category stars ‘Bulgarian Rose Blackcurrant’, ‘Nectarine and Mimosa’, ‘Cashmere Musk and Vanilla’. Then, there’s Spa Vibes that has ‘Tuberose and Frangipani’, ‘Ylang Ylang and Lavender’, ‘Catnip and Wildflower’, and ‘Orange Blossom and Fig’. If you’re feeling something earthier, there’s the Fresh Woods and Earth range that has ‘Palo Santo and Sage’ and ‘Tobacco and Mahogany’. Last but not least, there’s ‘Oak and Leather’ for the gentlemen.

5. Borneo Candle Studio


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Price range: RM29 – RM48

It can be difficult to buy candles online since we can’t smell them, so what we love about Borneo Candle is that they offer a Discover Kit (RM29) that includes four tealight candles from its six best-sellers. Perfect! This includes the ‘Borneo Oudh’ that has notes of agarwood and leather elemi. ‘Midnight Breeze’ has notes of bergamot, leather, and musk. For a dose of romance, ‘Love Potion’ is a fresher olfactive with notes of grape, neroli, and jasmine. Finally, ‘Nectarine Rosé’ has notes of passion fruit, guava, and champagne. Yum! 


6. Little MooMooCraft


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Price range: RM49 – RM150

If you’re in the market for uniquely designed candles, Little MooMooCraft has some great options! There are Halloween themed candles that resemble little pumpkins, mooncake candles (perfect for the mooncake festival!), and beautiful wax sachets too. If you’re keen to try your hand at making candles on your own, the brand also offers starter kits and various candle accessories. 

7. OiLilin


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Price range: RM29 – RM89

If there’s one scent everyone should take a whiff of at least once, it’s the Mojito – granted you enjoy a lemon and mint scent, of course. There are other great options available too, such as the ‘Fig Milk’, ‘Jasmine’, ‘Spice Wood’, ‘Blueberry’, ‘Apple’, and ‘Clover & Cinnamon’. OiLilin also has candle-making kits available for purchase.

8. Lilin+Co


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Price range: RM25 – RM130

If you’ve been in the candle-collecting market, Lilin+Co is likely already on your radar, but to the uninitiated, this brand offers beautifully designed candles in nine signature scents. Feast your senses on the likes of ‘Burnt Fig and Cassis’, ‘Lemongrass and Lime’, ‘Lychee and Black Tea’, ‘Mimosa and Mandarin’, ‘Neroli and Ylang Ylang’, ‘Sandalwood’, ‘Strawberries and Champagne’, ‘Vanilla Bourbon’, and ‘Wild Frangipani’. The brand has recently introduced leather candle holders that allow for personalisation with initials – so sleek, so chic!

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