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Go Green For Your Monthly Red: 9 Local Period Products To Support

By , 31 May 2022

While you can't escape your monthly red entirely, you can undoubtedly go green and at the same time support these nine local brands during that time of the month.

7 Record Stores In The Klang Valley For All Your Vinyl Needs

By , 21 May 2022

If you're a true music buff and searching for some quality tunes, these seven record stores in the Klang Valley will have all your vinyl needs.

Discover The Enduring Spirit Of Downtown Kuala Lumpur At These Unique Shops

By , 20 May 2022

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9 Stays In Downtown Kuala Lumpur For Your Next City Escape

By , 14 May 2022

From budget stays to minimalist luxe, all the way to heritage-heavy pre-war spots, this list of hotels in Downtown KL has got you covered.

These 8 Malaysian Kombucha Brewers Pack A Real Gut Punch

By , 11 May 2022

Wanna just kick back and chill with your SCOBY-s? We have just the eight local brands for you to support.

Festive Feasting: 14 Best Hotel Buffets For Breaking Your Fast This Month

By , 11 April 2022

Craving some authentic Malaysian dishes for iftar this Ramadhan? We’ve got you covered with a list of some of the best spreads in town.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By , 22 March 2022

Want to explore Kuala Lumpur like never before but unsure of where to go or what to do? We’ve got some exciting suggestions with this comprehensive travelling guide.

Get Boozy With It: Bars In Downtown Kuala Lumpur To Get Your Drink On

By , 2 March 2022

Downtown Kuala Lumpur marries the traditional and modern for a unique charm, which is why it plays host to some of the best bars in KL, old and new.

Make Your Next Girl’s Trip Staycation As Memorable As Ever

By , 9 February 2022

Gathering the girls for a Galentine’s celebration? Why not take it up a notch with these staycations to make your 2022 girls’ night out (or in) one to remember.

Modern Chinese New Year Traditions For A Roaring Good Time

By , 26 January 2022

From mouth-watering treats to prosperity-fetching and monster-repelling red packets, these are some traditions to follow when ushering in Chinese New Year in the 21st century.