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Whiskey drinker. Whimsy finder. Word writer. Sue May is a fan of big words and arcane definitions. Fascinated with stories, this honorary Geordie enjoys stumbling down well-trodden paths, roads less travelled by, and meeting new people. (Sometimes she writes about them.)

Festive Feasting: 14 Best Hotel Buffets For Breaking Your Fast This Month

By , 11 April 2022

Craving some authentic Malaysian dishes for iftar this Ramadhan? We’ve got you covered with a list of some of the best spreads in town.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By , 22 March 2022

Want to explore Kuala Lumpur like never before but unsure of where to go or what to do? We’ve got some exciting suggestions with this comprehensive travelling guide.

Get Boozy With It: Bars In Downtown Kuala Lumpur To Get Your Drink On

By , 2 March 2022

Downtown Kuala Lumpur marries the traditional and modern for a unique charm, which is why it plays host to some of the best bars in KL, old and new.

Make Your Next Girl’s Trip Staycation As Memorable As Ever

By , 9 February 2022

Gathering the girls for a Galentine’s celebration? Why not take it up a notch with these staycations to make your 2022 girls’ night out (or in) one to remember.

Modern Chinese New Year Traditions For A Roaring Good Time

By , 26 January 2022

From mouth-watering treats to prosperity-fetching and monster-repelling red packets, these are some traditions to follow when ushering in Chinese New Year in the 21st century.

Leap Into The Year Of The Tiger With These CNY Gifts & Treats

By , 23 January 2022

The top gifts sets, cookies, and snacks from local artisans, so you’re prepared to attack the year of the tiger with enthusiasm.

Huat–ever You’re Into: 8 Yee Sang Sets To Set The Tone For CNY 2022

By , 17 January 2022

Whether you like it simple, indulgent, or unique, here are eight yee sang sets around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya available for CNY 2022.

6 Things To Consider Before Taking A Workation Amidst COVID-19

By , 8 January 2022

If the idea of working away from an office appeals to you, you’re not the only one. But there are some things to consider before going on a workation during COVID-19.

Best Beach Resorts In Johor For A Taste Of Island Life

By , 5 January 2022

Before word gets out and Johor turns into Maya Bay, you may want to choose one of these destinations for your next beach vacay.

Your Questions Answered: Travel Insurance In The Age Of COVID-19

By , 29 November 2021

With local and international borders reopening, travel will resume, but how much do you know about travel insurance in the age of COVID-19? Here are some questions worth asking before you hop on a pla...