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10 Tips for Women Travelling To Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

By , 2 November 2017

Malaysia is a tropical country known for its year-round warm weather, which is why a highland getaway with cooler climes is always a welcome respite.

12 Boutique Hotels In Melaka, Malaysia For The Design-Loving Traveller

By , 6 September 2017

Try one of these for a hotel that lets you immerse in Melaka’s rich history while providing plenty of eye candy and photo opportunities.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Melaka, Malaysia

By , 31 May 2017

Melaka is a historical city with a colourful past; it was once a famous port for traders sailing between India and China, where ships would stop to refuel before continuing on their journey.

A Local’s Guide To 10 Unique Dishes You Must Try In Melaka

By , 9 February 2017

Dig into these local specialities, the next time when you are in Melaka!