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Ha is a travel blogger based in Vietnam who loves travelling to Southeast Asian countries. Her inspiration and passion for travel comes from the motto: "Travelling shapes knowledge”. When she travels, she tries to explore every aspect of a city and finds that writing about them after is the best way to recall the memory and to sharpen her knowledge. This is what lead her to become a writer.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Hoi An, Vietnam

By , December 13, 2018

Hoi An is an intersection where Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese cultures meet. Its preservation o...

Top Attractions In The Ancient Town Of Hoi An, Vietnam

By , June 7, 2018

From pottery to carpentry to good ol' classic architecture. Hoi An has got them all and more!

Exploring The Cuisine Of Hoi An, Vietnam

By , May 22, 2018

Join one of the many food tours in town to get a real taste of Hoi An.