Ha is a travel blogger based in Vietnam who loves travelling to Southeast Asian countries. Her inspiration and passion for travel comes from the motto: "Travelling shapes knowledge”. When she travels, she tries to explore every aspect of a city and finds that writing about them after is the best way to recall the memory and to sharpen her knowledge. This is what lead her to become a writer.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Hoi An, Vietnam

By , 13 December 2018

Hoi An is an intersection where Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese cultures meet. Its preservation of cultural beauty with unique architectures and buildings, as well as its unhurried pace of life, ma...

Top Attractions In The Ancient Town Of Hoi An, Vietnam

By , 7 June 2018

From pottery to carpentry to good ol' classic architecture. Hoi An has got them all and more!

Exploring The Cuisine Of Hoi An, Vietnam

By , 22 May 2018

Join one of the many food tours in town to get a real taste of Hoi An.