Catheryn researches women and young travellers in tourism at the Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT) in Australia. She has reproduced again since this American trip, and now has three children. That hasn’t stopped her from travelling extensively.

How Travel Has Taught Me To Live In The Present

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So, I sat there cross-legged, closed my eyes, let the words fill my senses and cried tears of gratitude.

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What are some of the unexpected women travel trends in 2017?

A Taliban Refused To Shake My Hand In Pakistan

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Travel Tales: "As soon as I stepped into the small waiting area of Pakistan’s Moenjodaro Airport, a swarm of menacing men armed with rifles bombarded me with a series of questions."

5 Things You Should Know When Planning The Holiday Of A Lifetime With Young Children

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Catheryn shares a few lessons she learned during her family’s biggest and most dramatic trip by far: a seven-month stint in North America.