Been Vaccinated? You Might Be Able To Travel Sooner Than You Think

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In what will likely be the best news we’ll hear all of this week, the Malaysian government is looking into granting travel privileges for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This includes permission for inter-district as well as interstate travel, and possibly international travel (screams internally). Even the requirement to wear masks may no longer be compulsory when gathering in a room. 

It’s important to note that these new freedoms are still under review. For now, we imagine that the fully inoculated minority are excited at the news, while those who’ve received at least one dose have something to potentially look forward to. 

In order to speed up our dreams of international travel, a vaccine passport is also currently in discussion. Though, at this present time, the country is still ineligible for it. It will only be introduced when 80% of the population is fully inoculated with two doses, and our Director-general of Health, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has stated that Malaysia will need at least two to three months to ramp its vaccination rate with more vaccines expected to arrive in July.

For now, fully-vaccinated persons will be granted a yellow profile on their MySejahtera profile. The Malaysian government hopes to be able to use this as a vaccine passport of sorts for Malaysians to move about more freely between neighbouring countries such as Singapore. 

Considering all these new announcements, some of us may be allowed to travel sooner than we thought. Just keep those fingers and toes crossed for now! 

Leia is neither a princess nor a fan of Star Wars (which she hopes isn’t a deal breaker). Besides her consuming passion for writing and travelling, humanitarian works have always interested her. Standing true to her life motto “To give is to receive”, Leia believes true happiness is gained when it is shared. She dreams to retire in a cottage at the foothills of the Swiss mountains with her mother and become a florist.