Nezia has been managing projects since age six, loves to dance, and is currently working on her first documentary. Currently based in Honolulu, she grew up both in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, found herself in New York City, and regularly visits family and friends in South East Asia.

How The World’s Longest First Date Ends!

By , 18 April 2017

A continuation of how Nezia Azmi realises her travelling companion could be her partner for life on their epic 25 day train journey from London to Tehran.

The World’s Longest First Date : An Epic 25-day Train Trip From London To Tehran

By , 18 April 2017

A 25 day train trip from London to Tehran. Two friends travelling together for the first time. What does fate have in store for these travellers?

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Honolulu, Hawaii

By , 28 March 2017

Postcard-perfect images of Hawaii may seem cliché but spend some time on its paradisiacal islands (there are eight) and you will agree that there truly is no other place like it on this planet.