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As a homebody, Maggie likes spending her week-nights and weekends curled up on the couch with her furbabies, catching up on her favourite TV shows, all while sipping on a nice warm cup of green tea.

6 Kinds Of Adventures You Can Have At Sunway Lagoon With A Partner

By , 22 February 2017

A day at Sunway Lagoon is definitely one to be enjoyed with a partner be it your 10-year old, best friend or significant other.

14 Winning Photos Of The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

By , 12 November 2016

The British Wildlife Photography Awards announced the winners of its annual photo contest, showcasing the beauty and diversity of animal life in Britain.

22 Stunning Photos From The ‘2016 It’s Amazing Out There’ Contest

By , 5 November 2016

Nature, adventure and weather photos from the contest's top winners and few of our own personal favourites.

21 Photos of Seoul During Autumn That Will Make You Fall In Love With The City

By , 10 September 2016

As the trees transition and the temperature drops, almost every corner of the country is picture perfect.

8 Dishes You Must Try When In Penang, Malaysia

By , 8 August 2016

You can't leave Penang without sampling the food! Here's a list of the must-try's on the Pearl of Orient.

Exploring Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors: 6 Places To See

By , 23 June 2016

The next time you’re in Hong Kong, take a break from the hustle and bustle and explore the other side of Asia’s World City.

Women Travellers To Phuket: 4 Things To Look Out For

By , 21 June 2016

4 things to be aware of before visiting this Thai party haven.

Brunei Is Southeast Asia’s Most Underrated Travel Destination

By , 16 June 2016

Like a wallflower, Brunei has been quietly sitting in the background. Take a chance with Brunei and you will see that it has much to offer.

Don’t Get Ripped Off By A Tuk Tuk In Sri Lanka, Look Out For…

By , 9 June 2016

Tuk tuks can end up costing a fair bit if you're not careful about which ones you hire.

7 Things Every First-Timer To Seoul Must Do

By , 17 May 2016

From palaces to skyscrapers, there's so much to see and do in Seoul! Here's a list to get the first time Seoul visitors started.