Farzleen's love for poetry began when she was gifted a diary for her 12th birthday. Having spent almost 16 years in the PR/Advertising line, she has left the 9-5 world to focus more on poetry writing. With more than 40 poems in her personal collection, Farz hopes to inspire young women to go on a journey of self-discovery while expressing themselves through the power of creativity.

The 3 Phases Of Vitamin T(ravel) Deficiency

By , 9 July 2021

The pandemic has brought a bout of frenzy for the seasoned traveller. Should you be experiencing extreme cabin fever or some form of travel 'deficit', it can all be dealt with to a degree. It takes be...

Felines In Flight: How To Travel With Your Cat By Plane

By , 12 October 2016

Seasoned traveller, proud mother to 4 cats, and international cat show competitor Zamina shares the nitty gritty of how to travel with cats.

Airsick, Baby? 7 Tried-And-Tested Ways To Overcome Motion Sickness

By , 16 March 2016

Dedicated to those you who feel sick and queasy on planes. The last tip really works!

Travel Tales: Fly Lil Birdie, Fly…

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We want your most interesting Travel Tales, from memorable adventures to heartwarming encounters, scrumptious...