Amy is addicted to books and travel, which fits perfectly into her BKK NGO-employee lifestyle. She likes relaxing in a café with a book just as much as she likes exploring a new city, meaning she's perpetually happy on vacation but easily distracted the rest of the time.

10 Fruits You Must Try When In Thailand

By , 24 April 2016

The next time you’re walking around Bangkok, stop and try some of these fruits.

Songkran Survival Guide: All You Need To Know To Have The Best Time

By , 9 April 2016

Songkran is not just about water fights, make an effort to see the more traditional side and you fall deeper in love with the celebration.

7 Useful Insider’s Tips For First-Time Songkran Revellers

By , 6 April 2016

Stay safe and make the most of your Songkran experience in Bangkok with these tried-and-tested tips from a Songkran regular.

Forget Chatuchak, This Is The Most Beautiful And Best Smelling Market In Bangkok

By , 3 April 2016

Just imagine being surrounded by all the beautiful colours, smells, and textures.

How A Cycling Tour Made Me Realise Everything I Knew About Bangkok Was Wrong

By , 31 March 2016

When I heard about the opportunity to go biking in Bangkok to check out the countryside, I was intrigued, yet sceptical; Bangkok in no way screams ‘rural’.

Breathtaking Beaches In Southeast Asia You Need To Visit

By , 21 March 2016

One of the highlights of living in Southeast Asia or travelling through the region is the ease to get to a picturesque tropical beach.

The Go-to Place For Hip Bars & Good Beers In Bangkok

By , 10 March 2016

Sophisticated Thais and expat foodies come here not to just get drunk; they come here to soak up a whole new experience.

10 things NOT to do in Thailand

By , 29 February 2016

Thailand is a fairly forgiving place but if you make the wrong misstep, you could end up offending your host.

The ultimate travel packing list for Thailand

By , 22 February 2016

This packing list includes a breakdown of specific clothing, shoes, and toiletries to bring with you.

Best Cheap Day Trips From Bangkok

By , 18 February 2016

These cheap day trips give us a quick rundown of exactly how to get there, and what to budget.