Letters From Latin America: An Introduction

By , 3 April 2019

Stories of the girl who hitchhiked from Sweden to Malaysia were all over the internet. But Petrina is more than just that.

Letters From Latin America: Elqui Valley, Chile

By , 27 August 2019

Judging by how my days in the Elqui Valley started, I would never have guessed it would be ending on such a good note. I was here to catch the total solar eclipse. This was the best place to see it.

Letters From Latin America: Confluencia, Argentina (Part 2)

By , 16 July 2019

The days pass really slowly. We wake up much later now and it’s much too cold to get any work done outside before noon. I guess when there’s no reason to rush about, time chills out with you too.

Letters From Latin America: Cordoba, Argentina

By , 23 May 2019

It all started with my brilliant plan to come to Córdoba, Argentina. I got so pumped thinking about being in civilisation but when it came time to start my 1,220+ kilometre hitchhiking journey, I pan...

Letters From Latin America: Pachijal Forest, Ecuador

By , 20 May 2020

My previous host, Tanya, told me about this riverside paradise in Quito, Ecuador, owned by her parents-in-law and said if I wanted to camp there, she could hook me up. I thought, why not? In my mind, ...

Letters From Latin America: Confluencia, Argentina (Part 1)

By , 10 July 2019

It’s only my fourth day on this middle of nowhere land with no electricity and no phone signal (not that I have data anyway), and I’ve already been left to my own means. No one else is here.

Letters From Latin America: Valparaíso, Chile

By , 1 September 2019

While we were still in Elqui Valley, unsure about what to do or where to go next, Rodrigo, mentioned he was going to drop by a beach somewhere on the way back to Santiago. So we (just barely) bundled ...

Letters From Latin America: Madidi National Park, Bolivia

By , 2 October 2019

Did you know that, instead of trains, the metro system in La Paz is cable cars? So cute. Naturally, I got lost. The people have been really helpful too in taking their time to explain what is where.

Letters From Latin America: Cusco, Peru (Part 2)

By , 30 January 2020

Cusco has grown into familiar territory. I wander the streets without checking my maps for directions, wave hello to storekeepers I pass by every day, and bump into friendly faces pretty much every ti...

Letters From Latin America: Cusco, Peru

By , 2 January 2020

If you ever come to Cusco, Peru, don't make the same mistakes I made.