plaza low yat
A mainstay of the city, Plaza Low Yat offers all the tech buys and help you need

Cracked your smartphone screen? Your laptop won’t boot up? There’s really just one place you can sort out all your IT needs for the best prices and that is Low Yat Plaza.

The mall is almost entirely dedicated to IT-related goods and services. More importantly it also houses most of the official service centres for brands that include Acer, Asus, Lenovo and other familiar names.

To find out whether the specific outlet you’re looking for has premises at Low Yat, just head on over to its website and peruse the directory.

Low Yat Plaza isn’t all gadgets, however. There are also plenty of eateries for you to grab a quick bite and while there are no clothes outlets, you will find leather goods, an alteration shop, and even a jeweller’s, Never say that Malaysian malls don’t try hard enough.

The toilets, though, could be cleaner and the rundown-looking lifts do not inspire confidence. Having to go up the central escalators can be a tiring exercise if you need to get to an outlet on the top floor.

Tip: Make official support centres your first stop to get a quote for your broken gadget. If it is out of warranty, then do some price comparisons and ask for a quote from the various booths dedicated to repairs. Be very careful about offers that seem too good to be true. If possible, have the repairs be done in front of you while watching as stealing original parts and replacing them with cheaper parts is a common scam.

Still, there is a good reason why Low Yat is seen as the hub of all things IT. New products are often launched there first and it is your best bet to find the latest products. The outlets are also very competitive so if you take the effort to shop around, you will be able to get some excellent bargains.

Are items cheaper than elsewhere? PC hardware components are particularly cheap but because Apple does not have official stores here, specialty stores that distribute Apple products often sell accessories and the like at significantly marked up prices.

Apple products themselves are sold at rather competitive prices and compare favourably to prices elsewhere, being slightly cheaper than neighbour Singapore despite Apple having official stores there.

Tip: If you purchase new goods, make sure you can get an international warranty. You can’t exactly fly back to Malaysia just to fix your laptop or smartphone. Malaysian stores are also leery about exchanges and very rarely do they agree to refunds so be absolutely positive about your purchase before you make it.

Is it worth it making the effort to get to Low Yat? In most cases, it is. It is, after all, easy to access via public transport and has the most bargains under one roof. Low Yat deserves its reputations for having the lowest prices in town.

To get there, just take the Monorail to Bukit Bintang station. Walk over to the Sg.Wang shopping complex, Low Yat Plaza is directly behind it.

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