The ambience of Spa Village might have you returning for more.
The ambience of Spa Village might have you returning for more

Whether it’s a doctor or a manicurist, you can find them easily in Kuala Lumpur. Being a mall-centric city, your best bet for a haircut or other such beauty appointment is to head on over to a local mall.

Staying healthy

As to doctors, private practitioners set up clinics on every major thoroughfare with a few open in malls such as KLCC and MidValley. One caveat, though, a streetside GP will usually charge less than one in a mall.

If you’re trying to save money and think going to a public hospital would be cheaper, it’s not advisable due to the long queues. You would be far better off finding a GP. Charges usually range from between RM30-50, inclusive of consultation and medicine. You can always ask at the counter to get a rough estimate of fees and like every other service in Kuala Lumpur, it is possible to shop around for better fees.

Pharmacies are also easily accessible if you need a prescription filled and popular chains such as Watsons and Guardian often have a working pharmacist on site besides selling various toiletries and beauty aids.

Staying stylish

As to trends in hair, beauty and makeup, while Kuala Lumpur is not nearly as trendy as Bangkok or Hong Kong, what it makes up in fashion forwardness, KL at least ensures you can keep current.

[blockquote]Having your eyebrows threaded in Bangsar is often recommended as it costs a mere RM7-RM8 for a session.[/blockquote]

Manicures are pricier, varying from RM50 for a standard mani while gel-based ones will cost upwards of RM130.

Getting a trim is easy – with the general decent hair cut going for RM40 and up. Salons will usually insist you get your hair washed as well but feel free to refuse if you already washed your hair prior. At most, though, you will only save yourself a couple of ringgit and some salons usually list their fees as inclusive of a wash-and-blow with your cuts.

Unless you’re particularly insistent on a particular salon chain, Kuala Lumpur will easily serve up whatever you require to keep healthy and well-groomed.