Lu Yin is a Malaysian based in Petaling Jaya. She loves culture and constantly seeks adventures on her travels. In her spare time, she enjoys checking out the latest art, music and cultural events; listening to both upbeat and calm music; watching films and TV dramas; reading fiction and magazines; practising calligraphy, brush lettering and watercolour painting. Besides writing for a website about Asian film news and reviews, she is also starting a blog on Korean culture.

Exploring The Old Mining Town Of Jingtong, Taiwan

By , 24 October 2017

"I focused on the view through the windows, watching the countryside go by while it drizzled."

Spirited Away To A Fairy-Tale Journey In Jiufen And Shifen, Taiwan

By , 27 June 2017

Travel Tales: Having loved Hayao Miyazaki's work on Spirited Away, Lu Yin found herself mermerised every step of her visit to these Taiwanese towns.