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8 Airlines That Offer Jaw-Dropping Services On Business Class & Beyond

By , 11 August 2021

Three-roomed suites, a bar, butler services, Michelin-worthy meals, and more. These are just some of the airline perks that the haves and have mores get to enjoy when they fly.

10 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Destination Should Be Indonesia

By , 25 February 2020

Indonesia has been an ever-popular tourist spot for years. Here are 10 good reasons why Indonesia is unique, and why it should be your next holiday destination.

Card vs. Cash: Which Travel Money Option Should You Take?

By , 29 October 2019

When travelling, you often don’t decide on exactly how much cash you’re going to bring until the very last minute. However, if you’re travelling to a destination off the beaten track, you need t...

5 Pro Tips For Travelling With A Musical Instrument

By , 28 November 2018

Some airlines will allow you to take your instrument on board as carry-on baggage, but that depends on the size and shape of your instrument.