Sara Leong is passionate about yoga, health, and wellness, and bringing all these together for balanced living. She is a certified yoga instructor and full-time copywriter, and when she is not on the mat or writing, she is planning on what to have for dessert (balanced living!). You can find her on Instagram @activelysara

Mindful Movement: Bedtime Ritual With Grounding Yoga

By , 11 October 2021

Got your candles, face mask, and soothing tunes? Well, here are six yoga moves to add to your bedtime routine — we promise they’ll help you sleep better and easier.

Mindful Movement: Kickstart Your Day with Yoga

By , 17 September 2021

Elina Fairytale/Pexels Subscribe to our new Telegram channel for the latest updates. How we begin our day sets us up for how we’ll approach the rest of the day. And we’re about to show y...

Mindful Movement: Take A Break With These Yoga Poses When WFH

By , 17 August 2021

How often have you pushed through for the sake of clearing what’s on your plate? This happens all too often when you’re working from home, so give yourself a 10-minute timeout with these yoga pose...